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Charity by Big Companies Essay

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Charity is supposed to be a selfless act done by people who expect nothing in return for their help except for the feeling of having helped someone in need. Charity has changed from an act of nobility or kindness to a way of looking good in front of other people or to receive some type of material reward or to receive some type of tax reduction as done by big companies who prefer ”Donating” $100,000 and then save $300,000 in tax reductions for helping out a such noble cause.

Charity should be what it used to be a SELFLESS cause period, not just a “win-win situation” in which both parties “benefit” from it, it should be done because you want to do it out of the kindness of your heart not because it will get you a C- on the class you’re failing or, because you want to look good in front of someone, it should be done because you want to help the people in need. For example my five year old cousin Jerry, at his age you would expect him to blow all of his money on games, toys or other things kids like, but no he doesn’t.

He saves up all his allowance for months at the time and then one he feels he has an amount that seems big enough to help someone he will goes online to see what charities convince him to donate his money on them, so far he has donated over fifth teen hundred dollars to over ten different charities that vary from animals in danger of extinction to research for AIDS and even Cancer, and he started doing it all by himself, not because someone expected it from him, not because he wanted to look good in front of other people he did it because he wanted to make help people in need, people who don’t have as much as we do, people who have had the “bitter side of life” as my little cousin would say.

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One time he went on and went asking door by door all over town until he had knocked on every single door in his town (with his moms supervision of course) and gathered up a good nine hundred dollars he could donate to a research on way to prevent miscarriages, and in my opinion more people should be like my cousin and walk that extra mile to help people without the need to receive a “reward” in order to do what he feels is right. Charity should be a selfless act, and not this sempiternal cycle in which people expect a reward for everything they do.

Charity by Big Companies Essay essay

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