Social Stress and Peer Pressure in Teens

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Social stress in finding friends is an irrational fear because it is a part of growing up and learning. As a teen, having a social life is very important. Nobody wants to feel like an outcast and unwanted by their peers. “Everyone wants to be accepted by people they admire” (Teen Health & Wellness). Teens in particular, who are going through new changes and hormones, feel the need to do anything to fit in. It is surely not bad to feel accepted and loved for being yourself. "It is part of Gods design for us. At the very beginning he said, "It is not good for man to be alone." (Parenting Today's Teens).

Although making friends is a good thing, there needs to be caution with what type of influence the kids are receiving. Even though trying to make friends and fit in are part growing up, parents need to be aware of their children's actions. Parents can play a big role in how their kids react when they are stressed. To prevent problems that can become a rational fear, adults can help in many ways. Good solid relationships with parents and brothers and sisters can have a huge impact on the person who is going through puberty. "At the very core and foundation of teen culture today is a lack of relationships." (Parenting Today's Teens).

Having deep talks, opening up when you feel any kind of emotion, and confessing within the family can help the child see what real and honest relationships should look like. Additionally, learning to see the difference between fake friends and real friends will help the kid in many ways. In the time period that we live in today with all the technology, it can be easy to misinterpret the other person; it can lead to confusion and surface-like talks. “They simply don't know how to develop deep, honest and meaningful relationships..." (Parenting Today's Teens).

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If teens would open up to their siblings and parents and vice versa, it will decrease the peer pressure because they are getting real and honest advice. Homes should always be trustworthy and safe places to communicate personal problems without feeling judged. Families can also help someone understand how to cope better in negative situations involving drugs, opposite sex, alcohol, depression, etc. Negative peer pressure seems to overpower positive peer pressure which can lead to a lot of stress on parents. Despite the fact that peer pressure is more of an irrational fear, it can be rational as well.

Those with stress anxieties or severe depression could argue peer pressure as being a rational fear. Not only could they have a fear of social stress, but counselors and parents may likely argue the point because they are involved in helping those try to overcome it as a living. “Anxiety disorders are serious medical illnesses that affect approximately 19 million American adults." (Anxiety disorders). It is not rare to develop an anxiety disorder. That's why it is so important to have solid relationships with your family. "These disorders fill people's lives with overwhelming anxiety and fear." (Anxiety disorders). If you do not treat stress while it is still 'small', you can get yourself into disorders which can become a rational fear for you and your peers.

Having social stress within finding friends can go both ways with being an irrational or rational fear. Many would say that I peer pressure is an irrational fear, while a smaller amount would probably argue the opposite. Social stress is more likely to be an irrational fear because the majority of the population has 'normal' responses to dealing with how to act around friends.

Everyone wants to be liked by their peers because nobody likes the feeling of judgment and isolation. It is definitely not bad to feel wanted. However, when someone goes so far into what they want, it can lead to anxiety disorders. Parents can play a huge role in how their kids act when they are under a lot of peer pressure. They can prevent depression, drug use, sex, alcohol, you name it. Making friends is not a bad thing but there is definitely a fine line with learning how to deal with them. Although friendships are very healthy to build, there can be a lot of negative peer pressure which can lead to much stress on the direct people as well as indirect people.

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