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Take for example, peer pressure from bad associates. They eight pressure us to ditch classes, cheat, drink alcohols, smoke, try taking drugs and influence us to disobey our parents. Another is peer pressure from our own wrong desires. Its given since in our teenage stage, we youth are adventurous. We wanted to try something new we haven't experience yet and we crave on something we don't have. Thus, being attentive can help us to caution ourselves from dangers.

If we see troubles coming in our way, don't walk right in to it find another way. Secondly, think about the consequences. Why not ask yourself? For instance: How lives feel later if I give in? What may be the outcome? How can it affect the others, specially, to your love ones? Remember, bible says at Proverbs 14: 1 5, smart people watch their steps. Doing right decisions requires a lot of time to meditate. For this, we just don't jump in to any conclusions. Use your imaginations.

Third step, we must plan ahead. Proverbs 24: 5, 'with knowledge a man increases his power'. If we know why we don't do those something and the reasons why it's bad, we can have the strength to say No. There are two ways to do that, strengthen your convictions and seek good explanations. Know how to distinguish right from wrong and give them the right reason for them to to bother you again. Finally the fourth step, take action. Now, we don't have to lecture them. Just say 'No', clearly and confident.

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Stand firm in our beliefs for they are not theories but facts. Granted that, those beliefs are all according from the scriptures. Each time we show determinants to resist pressure, we grow strong and stronger. It'll be easier for us to resist peer pressure the next time. Therefore, reacting to peer's pressure depends on us. If we remain weak and unable to stand firm, well never get rid of it. Yes, they are inevitable but by following those steps, you'll see things differently.

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