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Do Unto Others As You Would – Have Them Do Unto You

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Such simple words - yet how difficult it is for us to follow it. Treat one another as you would want others to treat you. You show respect in order to get respect; meaning that it really does not matter how people treat you, it's how you treat people that do wrong to you. Be kind. Be patient. Be polite. Be caring. Be trustworthy. Be honest. Before you speak, mind how your words will affect the one you're speaking to. Before you tell that lie, ask yourself if you would appreciate that person lying to you.

Before you take that small, insignificant item from your workplace, restaurant, or hotel, ask yourself if you would appreciate someone coming to your home and taking something they thought was insignificant? Before you are rude and inconsiderate, think how you would feel in that situation. How would these things make you feel? If you give a person your word mean it. Try using "please" and "thank you" and "I am sorry" AND MEAN IT! Make your words mean something. If you have offended another, humble yourself and make a heart-felt apology.

And then strive to not offend again. But never say you are sorry when you are not, or if you have no intention of correcting your errors. Make your words actually meaningful. Do what you say. It is called integrity. How can you change when no one else is willing? Well, here's a bit of advice: what others do is none of OUR concern. OUR concern is with what WE do. But, you say, everybody else is rude. Fine. Does that automatically give you the right to be rude also?

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But, you say, everybody else lies. Fine. Do two wrongs make a right? And if it does then what is the difference between EVERBODY and YOU. EXAMPLE: Let us say that the cashier at the store is rude to you, so you are rude back. Then she is rude to the next person in line, and that person is rude back to her. Now, let's say that, instead of being rude in return, you smile and, with love in your heart, you are kind to her. Chances are you have just stopped the cycle that would have gone on all day.

It is same as- Do not do to others that which would anger you if others did it to you. ” —Socrates It’s not hard to be kind. In fact being kind is almost easier, not to mention a lot more rewarding, than turning a cold shoulder. All it takes is a little effort and thought, and you’ll be spreading the love faster than a chocolate bar can melt all through your handbag on a hot summer's day... Example If you like that girl’s dress or another girl’s hair then tell her!

Everyone loves a little ego stroke and by passing on your compliment you have the power to make someone’s day. You show respect in order to get respect; meaning that it really does not matter how people treat you, it's how you treat the people that do wrong to you. So no matter what happens in life keep a clean slate for your own self respect and you will surely be rewarded for it. I know it's not fair, but nothing in life is, except our choices. They are free and help make a great difference in this old world.

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