Snow Removal in Broome County New York

Last Updated: 28 Jan 2021
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The removal of snow in the towns, cities, and villages of Broome County of New York is a social service that the county owes it inhabitants. It is such services that justify the taxes the people of Broome county pay. Towards achieving the aim of a cleaner, safer and healthier Broome county, several agencies have been set-up to oversee the snow removal services in the county. This service is particularly the responsibility of the Broome county Environmental Management Council (EMC). The EMC was established in 1971 by the Broome County Legislature to preserve, protect, and enhance the local environment.

The county’s highway division maintains and preserves the highway in the county and thus removes the snow that lies on the highway in the Broome County. The aim of the highway division is aptly captured in its webpage as thus:” The Highway Division is responsible for the administration, operation and maintenance of highway bridge and capital projects; this includes road widening and straightening, resurfacing and patching of existing county roads to ensure that maintenance is at required engineering standards and safety levels.

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Emphasis is also placed on snow and ice control. The department also assists other local municipalities with specialized equipment and expertise. ” Broome County Parks and Recreation is in charge of maintaining and preserving the recreational facilities in the county for the good of the inhabitants of the county. This means it also removes snow from these parks. Division of public waste seeks to manage all the public waste in the county. Snow is handled as one of the solid wastes handled by this division. These solid waste are either disposed or recycled.

Department of Public Works is the chief overseer of the divisions mentioned above. However we need to, from this research establish who has the responsibility of removing snow and how best the snow should be removed and will tis method be cost effective. We will with this research seek to ensure that the method adopted will be the most effective, efficient and cost effective. We want to by this research find the most effective way of snow removal: the best way to remove snow without creating hazard or environmental issues.

How snow removal will be more efficient so that the snow will be removed promptly. Cost effective so that it will save the county some money so that other pressing needs of the county will be met without straining the resources of the county. The challenge here is to make the snow removal more effective, efficient and cost tolerant.

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