Singapore Airlines: SWOT analysis

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Singapore Airlines: SWOT analysis

Singapore airlines (SQ) are one of the best and most famous airlines in the world with great service and great airplane with airbus and superbus. Singapore airlines began in 1947 with Malaysia airways. On 16 September 1963, the Federation of Malaysia was born and the Airline became known as Malaysian Airways. In May 1966, it became Malaysia-Singapore Airlines. In 1972, Malaysia-Singapore Airlines split up to become two entities - Singapore Airlines and Malaysian Airline System. That change was used to launch a new, more modern service approach on the airline. To house a special fleet of B747s, B727s, and DC-10s, the new Singapore Airlines also boasted a new airfreight terminal and a B747 hangar. In the1980s, the Singapore Airlines fleet continued to grow, in impressive and historic ways. It had the first A300 Superbus, the B747-300 Big Top, the B757 and the A310-200.

We were also the first airline in the world to operate an international commercial flight across the Pacific Ocean with the 747-400 Megatop. In the 1990s, Singapore Airlines revolutionized inflight communications and entertainment through the KrisFone - the first global sky telephone service - and KrisWorld offerings. In 2000, Singapore Airlines placed 19 A380s and B777-200s in 2001. In 2004 Singapore Airlines was the first to operate the world’s longest non-stop commercial flight between Singapore and Los Angeles in February .In 25 October 2007, The A380, the world's largest commercial plane entered service with SQ. In 2010, Singapore Airlines was the first to offer free drinks and complimentary headsets. More recently, we pioneered inflight telecommunications services and unparalleled inflight luxury. In 2007, Singapore Airlines celebrated its 60th Anniversary and we are the first to put the world’s largest plane into service. This essay will discuss SWOT analysis from Singapore Airlines. ( ).

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Singapore Airlines flies to 61 destinations in 35 countries on five continents from its primary hub in Singapore. It has a strong presence in the Southeast Asian region, which together with its subsidiary Silk Air connects Singapore with more international destinations in the region than any other Southeast Asian airline  it hasoffers fare deals from destinations around the globe.

Ground services

In flight services, passengers may check-in between two to 48 hours prior to flight departure. This may be done over the counter or at the lounge within the airport (for first and business class passengers). Self-service kiosks are also available at Singapore Changi Airport. They may check-in through the Internet or by short message services .Online printing of boarding passes is available through Internet check-in. Passengers on short trips may also check-in on their return flight upon departure from the city of origin. Singapore Airlines also offer different meals from different passengers such as Religions Meals people which is vegetarian and Medical Meals. Although the head office in Singapore, we can buy the ticket from online and travel company.


Singapore Airlines provides passengers with thoughtful individual service, which has won many praises and prizes from aviation industry and tourist business. It is one of the most respected companies by Fortune Magazine. Singapore Airline always have holiday package to promote for the customer and travel company .For example the offer is two nights’ stay in Singapore and a further 2 nights’ stay in any of the Singapore Airlines and SilkAir destinations beyond Singapore including cities in Asia City. Singapore Airline also have own Mile Card which is called KrisFlyer Miles which is When you fly on Singapore Airlines or SilkAir, you could earn up to 325% of actual miles flown. You can also earn KrisFlyer miles when you fly on our partner airlines, which include all those in Star Alliance, the world's largest airline network.


Singapore Airlines has a history of more than 60 years it is a long history airline company. As result, regarded as one of the leading airlines in the world, Singapore Airlines has acquired fame for its safe and comfortable journeys. When mentioning service by Singapore Airlines, the first thing that comes to mind is the cuisine on the plane. The International Culinary Panel of Singapore Airlines, engages in designing dishes to cater for various needs on the plane, and is unique among all the airlines in the world. Moreover, with an average age of 5 years, Singapore Airlines has the world's youngest fleet in the air, which plays a crucial role in aviation safety.


The weakness from the business class of Singapore Airlines. The most popular aircraft are A380, B77-200, B747-400 and B777. These are also Singapore major aircraft. Recently Singapore Airlines just improve its business class. But nothing can be perfect. People who like the new business class and choose to Singapore. These problems are influence to its profit. To best way to find the weakness of this product is compare it with other competitor.

Aircraft A380, Singapore Airlines is the first company to buy and ready for the passengers. This is the strength and higher than other airlines. But following the competitors appear, emirates airlines and Qantas airlines. The weakness of Singapore Airlines business class has appeared. Singapore Airlines even has restricted bookings in this class to required a surcharge on paid fares on many routes, double mileage cost in their Kris Flyer program and no awards for other star alliance frequent flyer programs. Business class seats from Singapore airlines found on their B777 and B747 aircraft. The differences between these classes are trivial width and length differences. For those unfamiliar, the seat is rather wide for business class but with short pitch. The fully flat bed operates by bringing up a flat surface to the seat in front, with a cubby holes to put things and the tray table has generous dimensions. The monitor is very large for business class but still some people find it too close. Read also about Ene Ticker

On The Ground treatment of A380 business class passengers is standard fare (for business class). The only stand out is emirates, which offers airport limo transfers at both ends for business class and first class passengers on most routes (including trans-Tasman). According to the world largest airlines review website SKYTRAX, the customer service is badly.

“ The flight was great but I had the worst customer service experience in my flying life when booking problems surfaced in the US. The Singapore Airlines customer service phone staff that I was connected to numerous times were more than useless. I spoke to them for hours on the phone to no avail. It was one of those defining moments when you become an activist against one brand. No one should have to endure the problems I faced. Please don’t believe the hype and marketing” (31 January 2011 by C Marshall (Japan))

Qantas in Sydney and Melbourne, and Emirates in Sydney, also have priority security queue for first class, business class and frequent flyer elite passengers. At Singapore security is processed at the gate, and the gates used by A380 do not have priority lane.

The seats Qantas business class A380 seats are a slightly modified version of their skybed seats found on other aircraft. Compare to Singapore is not slightly enough like Qantas. The differences between Singapore airlines and Qantas airlines are trivial width and length differences. For those unfamiliar, the seat is rather wide for business class but with short pitch. The fully flat bed operates by bringing up a flat surface to the seat in front, with a cubbyhole to put your feet in. The length of the bed is thus diagonal along the seat. There are cubbyholes to put things and the tray table has generous dimensions. The monitor is very large for business class, but some people still find it too close (Emirates has longer than Singapore). Compare to food service and selections with Eva airlines. They are about the same on both airlines. Good wine selections on both. But Singapore airlines food service and selections have gone down lately and for business class the service is worth than Eva airlines. From those we can find Singapore airlines did good service in their flight for business class. But the ground customer service and their seats for business passenger need to be improve and satisfy to more passenger.


In terms of opportunities, as a proverb says, "First come, first served." Singapore Airlines is the first airline that owns A380 in the world, and this gives Singapore Airlines a big opportunity in air service market. According to Clark, Paulstates,

The airline industry is particularly vulnerable to the swings and roundabouts of the global economic system. It walks a permanent tightrope of water-thin margins, costs that increasingly beyond management's realistic control and a demand for its services that is hard to predict (2010, p. 1). Different factors triggered each of economic downturns that have periodically wrecked so many airlines. However, there is a pattern at work, as the global economy is apt to oscillate between periods of prosperity and periods of difficulty in cycles of approximately ten years (2010, p. 19).

Airlines suffer from the downturn of the economy. However, with the introduction of A380, Singapore Airlines receives a big opportunities. The first route for A380 is in October 25th, 2007, from Singapore Changi Airport to Australia Sydney Airport. Many people from all around the world were attracted by A380, and hurried to Singapore to experience the services in A380. Compare with its competitors, the area of seats is one-third larger, and more floor areas are available. For tall persons, A380 support you more space for your legs. Those are the first point of advantages of A380: comfortable. The second aspect is that A380 is environmentally friendly. It is quieter both during taking off and in passenger cabin. Its fuel economy is higher than other competitors. According to airbus webpage,

In addition to offering unequalled levels of passenger comfort, the A380 provides the lowest fuel burn per seat – which allows airlines to substantially reduce CO2 emissions while achieving profitable, sustainable growth for decades to come. It also is the quietest long-haul aircraft flying today, generating 50 per cent less noise on departure than the nearest competitor, as well as three to four time less when landing, all while carrying 40 per cent more passengers. ("A380 Family", 2011)

Therefore, A380 itself has many advantages and can offer characteristic service, it also instill energy to the Singapore Airlines. Reference Clark, P, 2010, Stormy Skies: Airlines in Crisis, Ashgate Publishing LimitedPress, England. A380 Family.(2011)


Can we anticipate any threats to our business from the external environment that may challenge or weaken our position? There are many threats that may challenge or weaken our position like oil prices going up, climate change, safety, time those concept will challenge the position.


Compare with airplanes buses fairy or train are cheaper. Some elder people want to go travel they don’t have much money but much more time so they choose others. Since the co2 emitted by the airplane is mainly a result of the burning of jet fuel, i.e. oil, one can imagine that there is also a rather large cost factor here - the more expensive the oil, the more costly - economically and ecologically - the airplane becomes. Threats include the fact that fuel prices have consistently increased and will do so into the future while price wars between airline companies have become ever more intensive due to increased competitive levels in the industry so there are lots cheaper airline like tiger they keep the oil price but they can reduce the guilty of seat and foods therefore the price is cheaper than business classes also other classes, this is due to existing rivalries as well as new entrants within the discount airline market segment. In contrast to its rivals Singapore airlines has preferred policies of adding extra value through customer service rather than ones of pure discounts on prices, (thompson, 2005).

Safety VS climate change

Climate change will reduce the customer because when the climate change to raining or storm the airplane will carry the highest risk of our life. From customer’s position everyone wants to safe no mater how the seats are comfortable. That may weaken our position.


Christmas is the peak period of use of airlines. Every family plans to go overseas or other cities. But in the off-season everyone back to work and
study they do not has time for travelling. So this is a external environment that may challenge the position. Time

Sometimes when we go to close place if we choose the airplane, we need to follow the process like check in and baggage claim those sort of program but with train just show the ticket. Obviously train is quicker for us. So that may weaken the demands for consumer to choose the airplane. Others

Wars, Natural disaster (Earthquake, fire, flood, etc.) Economic crisis those also can weaken the strong position. Whatever transport we choose the main thing is to be happy and safe on our way to the place. We hope that travelling companies can improve their safety level. Conclusion

Finally, Singapore Airlines is one of the best airlines in the world especially in their service in flight. Singapore Airlines has good strength in their ground service in check in at airport, varieties of meal for different kind of people, safety and also promotion like holiday package offer. On the other hand Singapore airline has weakness also on their on the ground service in ticket booking in business class, their seat because the television is too close and also the quality of food is worth than Eva airline. In external influence, Singapore Airline can improve the quantity of their customer in one flight with give more floors in their aircraft and also give a bigger seat area than other competitors. Besides, external influence also can give much threat to Singapore Airline in their flight like oil prices going up, climate change, safety, and time. Singapore Airline can survive in their business until now because they have a good SWOT analysis to expend their wings and to fixed up their weakness.

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