United Airlines SWOT analysis

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United Airlines competitive Advantage

1) United Airlines has one of the largest fleets in the country which serves many destinations. Its presence in the market is so strong that it offers 3,200 flights every day. 2) A large network is one of the strongest characteristics of the company due to its strong presence in each state of US. 3) It has one of the largest work forces in airline industry. Greatest Weaknesses of United Airline 1) Most of the operations are concentrated in early identified destinations thus airline does not serve some major destinations such as Asian.

2) Large work force may prove inefficient and a cost burden on the firm. This may render firm to face larger operational hurdles in managing such large workforce and operations at the same time. 3) Low switching costs may allow consumers to prefer other airlines to travel. Since, to retain customers is one of the toughest jobs in Airline industry therefore consumers can easily switch to different airlines suiting to their different needs which keep on changing with the passage of time. Strongest Competitors of United Airlines

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United Airlines company analysis

Southwest Airlines is one of the biggest and strongest competitors of United Airlines. It is the low cost airliner which operates only in US with major focus on serving the destination of Los Vegas. Southwest Airlines is selected as the strongest competitor of the company because of its traditional competitive advantage over United Airlines in terms of its low cost as well as timelier management of flight schedules. It is also the largest airlines in United States of America in terms of number of passengers carried from various destinations of US.

Delta airlines Strengths and Weaknesses

Northwest Airlines is another very strongest competitor of United Airlines as it was sixth largest airliners in the world in terms of miles flown by national and international passengers. It is by far the largest carrier of passengers within US. Evaluation of Strengths and Weaknesses Southwest Airlines Southwest Airlines is one of the low cost and highly efficient airliners in United States. Though it serves the domestic market of US however, due to its efficiency, accuracy and low cost allow it achieve the competitive advantage.

The airline’s biggest strength lies in the fact that it attempts to target those customers who prefer to reach on time to their destinations rather than enjoying a luxurious flying experience. The greatest weakness of the firm lies in the fact that it serves only domestic market which puts it under a lot of risk. The era after 9/11 badly hit airlines like Southwest because they were serving just one market and their operations were not diversified in nature. Apart from that, it does not offer meals during its flights however in return of that, the airline promises to transport customers on time. Northwest Airlines

It has recently merged with the Delta Airlines to form one of the largest airlines in the world. It is by far the most important airline in terms of offering a large number of destinations both national as well as international. Its greatest strength is in the fact that it is largest airlines in US which transports largest numbers of passengers to various domestic destinations. After its merger with delta airlines, it has emerged as an airline offering superior travel experience to its customers. It has a past history of filing for bankruptcies suggesting that the firm has major weaknesses in smoothly running its operations.

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