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Simulation Reflective Journal Look back We were four in our group and we were given a scenario of a patient who was having an anaphylactic reaction from bee sting venom. The group agreed that I will be the primary nurse. As the primary nurse, I knew that I had to lead and supervised our group in responding to the emergency situation at hand. Having played the role of a primary nurse in this simulation, I have gained meaningful experience, which I can use in my future nursing practice. Elaborate

Being the primary nurse, I assigned each of my group members to a specific task. I assigned one colleague to assess the vital signs of the patient. In the scenario there were two medications that should be administered to the patient, the epinephrine and another anti-histamine drug, so I assigned two persons to prepare it. There was a delay in the administration of epinephrine since there were two epinephrine pre-filled automatic injections in the medication box. The person I assigned to it was confused which of the two will be used, so she asked me which one will be used.

I’m not really sure what to answer, so I just told her to select the latest one and inject it immediately. Unfortunately the person who will administer the epinephrine did not know how to use the pre-filled automatic injection and neither did I. It took us sometimes to figure out how to inject it. As for the other medication, it was not stated in the scenario when to inject it. The person in-charge of preparing the medication also asked me when to inject it and again I’m not sure what to answer. I told her to wait for a few minutes before injecting it.

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I belatedly remember that in case of doubts, this matter should be referred to the doctor. Analyze The simulation has made me realized how crucial the role of the primary nurse during emergency situation. One must be thoroughly trained and must possess critical thinking skill before becoming a primary nurse since being the leader, members of the team tend to seek guidance to promote efficient nursing care. As a primary nurse in this simulation my colleagues addressed questions to me about the medications that are critical to the patient’s survival.

My answers were not decisive which reflect my weak critical thinking skill. For example, when it comes to medication administration, in instances where things are not clear, it should always be referred to the doctor which in this case I belatedly remembered. Nurses should also make sure that they knew how to use all the equipment that is used in the nursing care. In a medical emergency situation, every second counts. In the simulation, epinephrine administration was delayed since the nurse did not know how to use the automatic injection.

Over-all the simulation had a significant impact to my learning process. Revise For the next simulation, I am hoping that I have improved my critical thinking skills in nursing to effectively perform whatever role I will have. Moreover, since simulations are actual situations in real life clinical settings that are being played out by the students, I will research on applicable evidenced based nursing intervention and applied it during the simulation.

Applying this type of intervention during the simulation will reinforce my knowledge of effective nursing intervention and will enable me to acquire a more meaningful experience that could be applied in actual clinical setting. I will also try my very best to find out what possible equipment will be used in carrying out nursing care for a given clinical setting that will be simulated aside from the equipment being used in assessing routine vital signs so that I could learn in advance how to use it. New Trial

Experience gained from this simulation is very useful in my clinical practice and future nursing practice. It was instilled in my mind that appropriate nursing training and critical thinking skill is a must in any clinical setting in order to deliver efficient nursing care. In this regard I will honed my nursing skills through readings and diligent practice and apply it in actual clinical setting, I will discuss with the instructor, relevant observations in clinical practice to acquire thorough understanding of the patient’s situation in order to identify and apply evidenced based nursing intervention.

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