Reflective Journal Persuasive Essay

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2023
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This is an introduction of my experience in a long term care facility. Avoid mentioning the names of agencies and people. Using abbreviations for names such as E. T. is appropriate. Continue writing using double spacing. Remember to check for spelling and grammar before submitting your journal. You may need to write the journal in one or two draft modes to generate your deeper reflection on your clinical experience. Allow yourself the time and patience to truly reflect on the meaning this has for you.

About two pages typed would be enough for reflecting and expressing your deeper thoughts on the description of the clinical experience and how this experience impacts your nursing practice. Remember that each paragraph should have one point and at least three sentences. Other aspects of the paper include a title page and references. Use a title page, especially since your journal is personal. Having the cover of a title page provides privacy and maintains confidentiality.

For example, if the document were to be printed and left on a desk, the first page of the journal would not be exposed for a bystander to read. Unless you have a source that you are citing, you do not need to include a reference page but a sample reference is included in this template. Remember that references are double spaced with a hanging indent. Create a header and page number for the second page before you do the title page. Click on Insert > Header. Create the header for the second page using the sample above.

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You will see Header Design Tools. Check the box for “Different First Page. ” Then go back and click on the header section for the first page (title page). Insert the header for the first page and add the page number in “current position. ” Please proof read your work before submitting it. Simple spelling and typing errors become distracting for the reader of your paper. You are used to proof reading but this is just a gentle reminder. Submit the journal electronically under the assignments tab on Blackboard.

The instructions for labeling the file and submitting the document are provided. If you have any difficulty with the electronic submission, you might ask a friend or try the submission again. If you still have difficulty, you may print the journal and bring the document to the instructor at the class time that the assignment is due. Please, however, don’t panic. This is part of learning and adjusting to college life. Your instructor will work through the technology with you.

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