Should School Uniforms Be Compulsory?

Last Updated: 23 Mar 2023
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It has long been a controversial topic. Should uniforms be compulsory? The answer is short, absolutely! The reasons which support this argument far outweigh any opposing points. For years, the question has ‘ping-ponged’ back and forth as to whether having uniforms is imperative. Why would anyone choose to spend time carefully selecting different clothes to wear each day, if the option is out there to know every morning what you need to wear simply by having a uniform? Most importantly, uniforms make a group equal.

There is no discrimination against someone’s choice of clothing. Commonly, families with a thriving financial status have the ability to spend money on high-end clothing labels, whilst families with an average or poor financial status have no option but to purchase the cheaper alternative. Why should anyone be put in a position of feeling as though they are judged purely on the choice of their clothing? Uniforms keep those who wear them, feeling as though they are “the same” or similar.

Uniforms have the ability to make a group a team. Particularly when attending out of school activities or events, peers feel as though they are a part of team by simply wearing the same thing. It identifies complete individuals and unites them as one in the same. Look at teams of all sorts of circumstances. Soccer teams, wear the same uniform for their training and their games. How else would we be able to identify that they belong to a team or club? The staff at Qantas Airlines all wear the same uniform during their time at work.

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It would be quite interesting if they all decided to wear their own clothes and we weren’t able to identify them from the passengers. Without even knowing someone, a uniform can quickly identify them to any team whether that is a sports team, a company or a school. When students put on a uniform, it instantly makes them look neat and tidy and when you see hundreds of peers all in the same uniform, all in one school. It gives the impression that it is a nice, hardworking and a dedicated school.

If a school uniform got damaged, you will have the relief of knowing that it’s only a uniform and will most likely get fixed in a hurry but if it was just ordinary casual clothes, you wouldn’t get it fixed anytime soon because you’ll know that there are more clothes waiting to be worn. Just say if there were to be an incident before or after school such like a fight and bystanders witnessed it. There would be less chance of the two offenders facing a punishment because no one can identify who they are and what school they come from.

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