School Uniforms Are a Necessity

Last Updated: 02 Apr 2020
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Reading books is better than TV! Reading books is better than TV! Reading books is much better than watching TV! How many of you watch TV? No doubt all of you do each and every day. It is so easy to just sit down on a couch and press 1 little button and waste hours on watching TV shows and movies! Books are better for our Health our Electricity and Education. Good Morning / Good Afternoon Mrs Millward and 7AC today I am going to tell you about why books are better and I mean way better then TV. TV can affect our Health in a way which is sitting down too much on the couch and not doing physical activities outside.

A great deal is known about children and television, because there have been thousands of studies on the subject. Researchers have studied how TV affects kids' sleep, weight, grades, behaviour, and more. When using a book reading is exercising your brain and learning words you didn’t know about but when TV comes in all you do is watch and that can easily affect your eyes and then it can affect you behaviour and your grades. When watching TV for hours and when your parents get a bill for the electricity half of the bill is caused by watching TV of course because that is the main problem.

In my house we only turn on the TV if we are watching the cricket of watching the News or watching our sport team play and that is all my family use it for. But this isn’t always caused by kids it is caused from parents that work at least once a week and that happens when they have got nothing to do. Say if you are doing an assignment for school and you have been working for hours without getting anywhere. Majority of you would watch TV for a while, while watching you will still be worrying about the assignment and by the time you get back to it you will be stressed.

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And on top of that books are an excellent way to learn new vocabulary without you even knowing, that’s right, while reading books you involuntary learn new words and the spellings. Imagine you have got this huge test the next morning and then you’re watching TV and then you’re studding on the way to school and then you get a FAIL!!! On your test. How bad would that be? If it was me I would feel really embarrassed. So you have just heard some things that can affect your health and your parents bills and your own education that your parents are paying for but lso when our parents where alive they only got a TV when they were around 16 or 17 of age. And look us and then think of your parents back in the past. And they didn’t have computer games either. So 7AC and Mrs Millward I think I convinced you that books are much better then Television. And so when you get I want you not to go to the living room and turn on the TV I want you to Study on your Math exam and do your HOMEWORK!!! Don’t Touch the TV Do Your Homework Don’t Touch the TV Do Your Homework

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