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Why Uniforms Should Be Abolished

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Uniforms Should Be Abolished at WHCI Being in highschool is hard enough as it is with teacher and principal breathing down your neck constantly telling you to wear uniform all the time it like you have no freedom. I think uniform should be abolished at West Humber C. I because it will give the student a little freedom. Reason why i think it should be abolished at West Humber C.

I is because you have to buy more than one set of uniformsand you wouldn't want to wear that one set over and over again plus you have to buy a set of clothing for when your not in school . The price of uniform is very costly because you have to buy the shirt and pant which they are overpriced and it kill's off the cash you you have just buy purchasing the uniform.

The second reason why uniform should be abolished at West Humber is because teachers get annoyed when they constantly tell you to wear your uniform or they send you down to the office to talk with the principal for the uniform infraction. The uniform causes so much trouble for both you and your teachers/principal because it causes confrontation then argument then you'll be sent home and miss out on class time when you might be missing something important that might be needed for a test.

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Why Uniforms Should Be Abolished

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The last reason why uniforms should be abolished at West Humber C. I is because Students who aren't able to express their own personalities and express themselves as individuals get labled when wearing a uniform and it hard to form peer relationship with other students. Regardless of their negative reputations, cliques allow students to express themselves and find acceptance within their individual peer groups. Having students wear uniforms may prevent students from forming peer relationships that stop social communication between students.

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