Sex Discrimination in Poland

Last Updated: 09 Apr 2020
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Eradication from sex discrimination on the Polish work market would favour development of women’s promotion prospects. Since becoming a full European Union member Poland has made headway in promoting gender equality into national policies and in gender discrimination in the workplace. However, this country still lags far behind the other countries of an old continent breaching women’s’ rights not openly. Poland is a country that cultivates its tradition and keep its values.

Stereotypes regarding the model of Polish traditional family are deeply ingrained in Poles psyche and therefore women are not treated equally in the society because they have always been associated with fulfilling domestic activities. Also, a conservative attitude to women in Poland when it comes to work stems from the history. Polish women were identified with ‘Mother- Pole’ who protects the hearth and home. In connection to this the vast majority of men cannot imagine women’s forsaking their duties.

Regardless Poland succeeds in making progress on different fields the problem of female manager’s promotion remains unsolved. The most industrialized countries such as Sweden, Germany or USA are willing to take advantage of women’s potential and experience. Reasons are numerous, for instance : more female workers are highly educated in comparison to male employees. Moreover women seem to be attractive workers in view of possessing features that are not typical of men.

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For example they better endure stressful situations and have better developed communication skills. Unfortunately many employers in Poland do not appreciate women’s aptitude like it is in other countries. Still women continue to occupy lower positions . Even if they put an enormous effort to perform their duties the salary for the same job is lower . I conclude that male employers are afraid of aligning women in responsible positions because they do not believe that women will manage to fulfill duties properly.

Nevertheless, a plenty of amenities for female workers are being implemented in many European companies in order to facilitate their development. Also Poland should adjust their work market to women. First of all the Polish Government ought to take measures to protect women against discrimination at work. For instance they can levy fines on companies where women are sidelined from work due to their gender. Moreover, Poland should increase the access to care services like nursery schools.

Thanks to it women will have an opportunity to join family duties with work and continue their carreers. In addition there should be implemented flexible working hours which are crucial for women on maternity leave . Introducing such solution will be profitable for her employer. On the whole Powers governing Polish work market are relentless and only few women who were entirely determined to break the glass ceiling managed to overcome the barriers. Women’s promotion prospects should be more widespread and the Government should introduce campaign encouraging male bosses to employ women.

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