Single Sex Schools Critical Analysis

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Single sex schools are schools solely meant for females only or males only. On most occasions, single sex schools are private schools where parents pay for their child to go to these schools, whereas public schools are much different. Public schools are open to the public for free. In addition to being free for students, public schools do not discriminate against gender, meaning they are a mixed gender school. Since they’re privately funded, the facility and school environment is at a higher standard than those in a public school. Even though single sex schools proclaimed to make students more conceited, they have a good impact on the students that attend them.

The quality of the environment is higher, the quality of the learning experience is more diverse, and there are no influences and distractions from the opposite sex. Public schools are government funded; funds that are put into a national budget which is then split into dozens of different subcategories, including public education. Because the budget is being split up into many different categories, a very small amount of the budget is given to public schools. Which in turn, must be split up to hundreds on hundreds of public schools across the nation. With such little funding going to each public school, they are very conservative on what they spend their money on. Thus, public school students do not always have the best materials to learn from.

Students that attend single sex schools are funded by their parents. Since a great deal of money is being poured into their child’s education, parents expect the school’s environment to be placed on a higher scale than public schools. These private schools have a much larger budget than public schools. Whatever is being put in by the parents, a good majority does not leave the school. Instead, single sex schools draw from their large budget to enhance their students’ school environment. For example, single sex schools may be upgrading their computers annually, purchase enjoyable uniforms, or better quality food for lunch.

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Single sex schools have the funds to make their students’ schooling experience better whereas public schools do not have that luxury. While single sex schools have the financial advantage, they also have the advantage of a better quality of education as well. In many single sex schools, the teacher hired are handpicked and believed to be the best of the best. Because there are a limited number of students at a time per teacher, the teachers have the flexibility to change their lesson plans to be more gender friendly.

Usually, girls are more organized, color orientated, and like to take their time gathering their thoughts before speaking; while boys tend to speak their minds without thinking and like to think in groups. These teachers have the flexibility public school teachers do not have to orientate their lessons to be more helpful for their students. Public schools are forced to follow a county a set curriculum and have little freedom to change the material that is to be taught. Many opponents of single sex schools believe that the students that attend these single sex schools are too privileged and do not gain the ability to learn in an environment that is not favorable to them. But, in single sex schools, because these students are placed on such high standards, they know they must learn the information no matter what.

Public school do have standards for their students as well, but because there is such a large number of students to teach at one time, there are students that just do not learn well and manage to slip between the cracks without a second thought. In public schools, boys and girls are mixed together for a long period of their life. They gain and lose friendships and relationships with a blink of an eye. They are so consumed by their drama with the opposite sex, their mind is not fully focused on their academics. In single sex schools, this distraction is completely diminished. During school hours, they do not have the opposite sex distracting them with relationship problems or tease each other out of amusement during class time. The students that attend single sex schools are solely focused on their academics and have a smaller likelihood to be distracted by the opposite sex during school time.

Parents should definitely consider putting their child into a single sex school. Although, single sex schools are more costly than public schools, the impact it has on their child’s life is incredible in the long run. Overall, single sex schools are better for a child’s future than public schools are. Children will do better academically because there are no distractions of the opposite sex, the teachers enhance students’ learning skills, and the investment put into tuition is put to good use for the students.

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