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Professor you started by saying we will be discussing what we have learned throughout the term units one through 9. Also you told the class that you would like us to turn in our unit 9 assignments by Friday, any time by Friday night so you could have the weekend to grade and return back to us. You had a trouble accessing the unit 8 drop box, so you informed everyone who has submitted their assignment that they should email the assignment to you instead, but everything should be working ust fine.

We started the seminar with the handout and PowerPoint. Unit9 handout what is this course all about. Some questions raised is how does these skills play out in the legal field, you answered it by saying we really need is a mythological. Step one in the legal field you must always define the facts, someone might come to you asking for advise, you must always define the facts when facts are presented, get facts complete and correct about what has happened. Second step is who are the clients, who do I represent. Step three what is the objective, which is to when on behalf of my client.

Step four what are the claims. Step five; you must map the fact against the statutes and common law. Step 6, do the research, step 8 is go for the win, you present your facts and findings. Everything we have learned in the past nine units is what the big picture is in the long run of the legal field. There are three Distinct type of writing; HRAC historical, legal memorandum, brief. We went on to the PowerPoint, which focuses on the legal memorandum. In a legal emorandum you must always keep in mind the analysis, can you win. e discussed using the Legal memorandum on unit 9 assignment, you have us the opportunity if those who want to do a legal memorandum will get an extra 5 points. Putting together a memorandum, Step 1 who are you representing, step 2 what is a win, step3 capture all the facts and discard all irrelevant facts. Step 4 is to do the research, research anything we can get our hands on. Step five would be to back track and make sure you covered any and all facts possible. Key sites everything. To pile for the client, what is good and what is bad.

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Step 8 is to do a discussion based on all the information given. You stressed how you would prefer the class to try the legal memorandum that you have discussed in the power point do to it be the way it will be done in the legal field. In the legal field, law firms don't go down the list. the 5 points. For the conclusion portion you stated that is may be 0k, to state that there can be a low chance that the law firm may when the case, do to sufficient evidence, or we ould state that we have a high chance at winning, of course every case is not winnable.

Based on the law, that is what are conclusion is based on. A classmate brought up the question of statute of limitation to which you replied that we should assume that there are no statute of limitation that was a really great question. our final exam will cover everything that we have learned from unit 1-9. I understand that this will be our last seminar professor, and I can't stress enough how much I appreciate you feedback and help with regards to turning in my work. I thank you.

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