Science Is a Threat to Humanity

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Science Is a Threat to Humanity 1st – Opposition

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to the wise and honorable adjudicators, the alert and punctual timekeeper, my fellow teammates, the misleading government team, and MOTH. Before I start, I would like to refute the definition given by the government team. Now, it is my duty to define the keywords of today’s motion. According to the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, science means knowledge about the world, especially based on examination and testing, and on facts that can be proved. Threat means someone or something that is regarded as a possible danger. Lastly, humanity means the state of being human and having qualities and rights that all people have.

So, the full definition of today’s motion is knowledge about the world, especially based on examination and testing and on facts that can be proved is a possible danger to qualities and rights of all people.

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Before I go on with my arguments, I would like to stress that my teammates and I totally disagree with the motion today that says ‘Science is a threat to Humanity’ and would like to switch this motion to ‘Science is a bless to humanity’ which means knowledge about the world, especially based on examination and testing and on facts that can be proved makes people happy and satisfied in terms of qualities and rights of all people. Now, please allow me to introduce my teammates. I as the first speaker will talk about Science gives major health benefits while my second speaker will further strengthen our team’s stand on this motion by talking about Science helps in improving qualities of life and Science improve communication. Last but not least, my third speaker will rebut all misleading points raised by the government team. MOTH, In today’s world, Science is vital in ensuring we live a healthy life. It has major health benefits because as we have knowledge about the treatments of certain illnesses and cures are discovered, many lives can be saved.

MOTH, If we support Science, we can get the benefits from it. Our lives will be much better because we will be able to find the cures and preventions to diseases. We need to have knowledge in the medical aspect so that all fatal diseases can be cured and prevented. Not only that, by supporting science, but we will also be able to create better health and medical facilities. We will be able to use drugs that prevent diseases rather than merely treating symptoms and we will have body monitors that warn of impending trouble. MOTH, Can you bear the pain of suffering from diseases such as cancer and heart attack all your lives just because you oppose to Science? Through science, we can have modern medicine to relieve suffering even for babies. With science also we can detect diseases in early-stage even during pregnancies. In genetic screening, for example, we can monitor the development of embryos to get high quality and healthy babies. If there is any disability or defects, it can be treated in an early stage. As we know, embryos might have disabilities that would kill them as newborn babies. If properly treated these people may well live to enjoy healthy lives.

If we oppose science, we are actually not helping the babies to be better adults in terms of their health. Not only that. Science helps in improving the health condition of human beings because of any accidents or tragedies. With science, we are able to help people who are blind to see the lights and all wonderful things on earth and people who cannot walk to be able to walk again. Isn’t it a miracle? Do you think we will be able to do so without the help of science? I don’t think so, my dear government team. MOTH, I am sure I have said enough to convince you that science is not a threat but is actually a blessing to humanity. The health benefits that we receive from them are so great that we are able to enjoy life to the fullest and no more worries of critical diseases. So MOTH, once again I restate our stand that we totally disagree with the motion today that says “Science is a threat to humanity’ as it should be ‘Science is a bless to humanity’. With that, I beg to differ. Thank you.

Science Is a Threat to Humanity 2nd- Opposition

Assalamualaikum and very good morning to the wise and honorable adjudicators, the punctual timekeeper, my fellow teammates, not forgetting the misleading government team and members of the house. As the second speaker, it is my duty to rebut the arguments given by the second minister of the government team. As humans, we cannot deny that we need science – the knowledge to make our lives easier. You must remember, without science, you will not know how to get clothes, to build a house or to cook food. The contribution of science can be seen in our everyday lives.

Can we think about a life without electricity, cars, the telephone, internet, television and thousands of scientific inventions that make our life comfortable? The application of science is indeed a great help in people’s everyday routine. For example, people use their refrigerator to keep their food chilled and fresh longer. People use cars, buses and other vehicles transport themselves from one place to another. They use air conditioners and heaters to help maintain temperature. As we can see, every aspect of life is dependent on science and its application to improve the quality of life. MOTH, We cannot say no to science for all the contributions it brings. With science, we can get the latest knowledge and find more discoveries to improve our quality of life. With science also we can get new technology to develop our nation and boost our economy. When our country is developed, only then we can compete with other countries or at least be equal with other countries in terms of social, politics and economy. If we are against science, of course, we will be left behind. MOTH, The discoveries in genetically modified food have helped to reduce famine and hunger.

In agriculture, the genetics of food is improved to produce bigger fruits which provide more nutrients to all people. This is certainly a great achievement in the field of science where it as able to help the poor countries to fight the problem of hunger among their people. MOTH, Now let’s move on to my second argument that is Science helps to improve communication. Years after years we can see advancement in the communication sector where people on opposite sides of the world are able to stay in touch where before, they would have no possible way to do so, thanks to Science and its application. Today, the distance will not be an issue because we can communicate and exchange ideas with people around the world in just a moment.

This helps to strengthen the relationship among people. As we all know, the internet keeps us connected. We even can change our ways of solving problems easier and faster through the internet. It also makes our job run fast and more effectively. Even entrepreneurs use this medium to do their transactions. The development in many industries right now also is actually because of science and the application of science. There is no barrier to market products and we can compete with other developed countries, thanks again to the miracle of science. MOTH, Do you still remember the 6th Challenge of our Vision 2020? , the challenge of establishing a scientific and progressive society, a society that is innovative and forward-looking, one that is not only a consumer of technology but also a contributor to the scientific and technological civilization of the future. Our vision 2020 will not be a reality if we say no to Science.

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