TERORISM and it’s Growing Threat to the entire Human Civilization

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Terrorism has been among the oldest and yet the most devastating social problems in every human civilization that passes the earth’s history. True, as time passes, terrorism gains more and more development along with all the advancements of both science and technology.

Through the passing years of the human history, terrorism has brought pain and grotesque effect to the people living within the so called ‘war arenas’ of terrorist attacks.

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Through the world reports dating way back several years past, terrorism could be identified to be among the strongest culprit, which keeps away the possibility of enhancing peace and security within the human society. In the late 1980’s, terrorism appeared to be on the decline. However, a new breed of terrorist has emerged.

Today’s terrorist threat comes primarily from extremists who have established their own funding networks—through traffic in drugs, private business, independent wealth, charities, and local financial support. Moreover, they continue to be as ruthless as ever. (Schimoff, 10)

Recent years saw a proliferation of senseless acts of terrorism. The World Trade Center in New York City was bombed, killing six people and injuring some 1,000. A cult

released sarin nerve gas in the Tokyo subway system, killing twelve and injuring more than five thousand. A terrorist leveled a federal building in Oklahoma City with a truck bomb, killing 168 and injuring hundreds.

Yes, it is indeed fearful enough for the current generations living today, thinking of the fact that terrorism now is ever developing and is directly affecting the entire human activities. Going back to the most recent and the most controversial terrorist attack that shocked the whole world is the September 11 incident in the United States.

Upon the bombing of the big establishments in the United States, the whole world was alarmed and was moved to unify for peace. It could be remembered how the different races form equally different nations began to join in prayer for the whole world’s freedom from all the fears of being victimized by terrorism.

With these, President Bush, acknowledged all those who took time to at least several minutes to pry for the aim of stopping the grave effects of terrorism not only in America but also in the entire human society.

In his speech, President Bush points out the importance of the nations coming together in a goal of putting an end to the social dilemma brought about by the selfish aims of terrorists especially from Afghanistan.

He further adds that there ought to be some changes on the way people from the said region of the world concerning their treatment to other nationalities especially to Americans. It could be noted that the most applauded part of his speech was that of the statements he directly addressed to the Afghan terrorists or Al Qaeda.

As he said, he demands the people and whole society in Afghanistan to surrender any hidden terrorists in their country, thus helping the American government to eliminate the deepened terrorism operation in the said company.

Furthermore, President Bush asks that the foreign national who were held captive by the al Qaeda group be released especially the soldiers who were only there to fight for the rights of the world to be free from the selfish and crooked desires of the said terrorist network group.

Aside from this, the closure and the ceasing of the operation of numerous training camps in Afghanistan have also been demanded by the US President.  Hence, through this, the continuous development of young terrorists in the country could be ended and thus give the young boys of Afghanistan a better future than just the world that is controlled by anger, guns and wars.

To be clear of what his idea of fighting terrorism is, he stressed that the fight is not against the believers of the Islam religion or the Afghanistan nationals living in the cradle of terrorism. He even pointed out that those who are engaged in terrorism activities are traitors of their own faith. Thus, President Bush further emphasizes the importance of the fight, which he implies towards the terrorists.

He then says that this is a fight of all those who believe in progress, pluralism, tolerance and freedom. Hence, to be able to fight terrorism, it is not war that is believed to stop the dilemma, but the application of meeting violence with patient justice.

In the paragraphs to follow, the necessary points of consideration regarding the fight against the network terrorism activities around the world shall be carried through and tackled carefully. It shall highlight the act on how the American society as well as with the whole world is supposed to take high potential actions towards terrorist attacks.

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