Is It a Threat of Terrorism?

Last Updated: 16 Apr 2020
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It is my dream to live in a world where no country on Earth requires a military to protect its citizens from invasion, but like most Utopian fantasies, such a world will never exist. As the leader of the free world, America has built up a huge military to protect the nation’s interests, its allies, and its way of life for its people. After the terror attacks on September 11, 2001, and our senseless invasion of two Islamic countries, the nation is still engaged in war to prevent Islamic extremist attacks.

In recent years, public officials in the United States and terrorism analysts here and abroad have warned of an increasing threat of Muslim homegrown terrorist attacks. The terrorist attacks in Madrid in 2004 and in London in 2005 perpetrated by European homegrown terrorists have contributed to these concerns, as has the surge in terrorist-related arrests in the United States in 2009 and 2010. A closer look at the evidence, however, reveals that the threat of Islamic extremist engaging in lethal attacks in the United States has been frequently overstated.

Since 1985 there has been 3,178 deaths resulting from Islamic terrorist attacks; including the 2,977 Americans casualties on 9/11. However, the number of American casualties resulting from Islamic extremism is falling drastically; with only 28 Americans killed by Islamic Extremist since the 2001 terror attacks. Terrorist plots by American Muslims are not growing in sophistication, and terrorists' capacities to acquire skills from overseas training are limited.

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In addition, contrary to concerns that so-called “lone wolves” will increasingly attempt terrorist attacks that are difficult to foil, there have been only two shootings in the United States by American Muslims since September 11, 2011, despite a significant propaganda effort by leaders of Al-Qaida encouraging such attacks. The Islamophobes (people with irrational fear of Islamic people) claim that Islam is intrinsically a terrorist religion. The proof? Well, just about every terrorist attack is Islamic, they retort. Unfortunately for them, that is not true.

More like six percent. Using their defunct logic, these Islamophobes can now conclude that nearly all acts of terrorism are committed by Latinos. Let them dare say it. They could not; it would be political and social suicide to say such a thing. Most Americans would shut down such talk as bigoted; yet, similar statements continue to be said of Islam, without any repercussions. The war on terror focuses on groups loosely affiliated with the Al Qaeda terrorist network, but it turns out that Islamic extremists do not pose the greatest threat to America according to numerous reports.

One report from the Department of Homeland Security states that the biggest threat to America, its people, and government is actually from Latinos. Latino terrorist spew out acts of terror on American soil every day. According to the Los Angeles Times, these terrorist also control over 90% of all the drugs that enter the United States. Latino gang violence has resulted in a shocking number of casualties. Over 2,199 innocent American lives have been lost since 2007 due to kidnappings, sex trafficking, and horrendous murders, committed by Latino Terrorist.

These facts might throw you for a total paradigm in your thoughts, but what if I also told you that Latinos account for over 42% of all acts of terror on United States soil since 1985? The Islamophobes live in a fantasy world where everyone is supposedly too “politically correct” to criticize Islam and Muslims. Numerous people are critical of Muslims; but can you imagine the reaction if I said that Latinos should be profiled because after all they are the ones who commit the most terrorism in the country. Islamophobes  always live in mortal fear–or rather, they try to make you feel that way.

Do not be fooled, break the spellbinding ideology of Islamophobes. I am sure that you do not live in constant fear of radicalized Latinos; even though they commit seven times more acts of terrorism than Islamic extremist in America. Why then are you constantly fearful over Islamic radicals? The time has come where we can finally halt our fear of Islamic extremist, and focus our attention more frequently on the Latino terrorist If Islamic extremist had half of a brain they would have potential to be dangerous; but for now, they are no different then automated bots, with pre-programmed information and beliefs.

They are taught at early ages that the “West” is their enemy; and that there is no higher appraisal then dying for Allah through acts of terror and suicide. Ignorance breeds ignorance. What we must do is teach the United States citizens the truth about terrorism. Nobody is saying that Islamic terrorism is not a matter of concern, but it is grossly exaggerated.

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