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Last Updated: 27 Jul 2020
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When we talk about boosting up sales of any product, it has to be assessed with its marketing techniques and price evaluation. To enhance our sales results for our multimedia LCD televisions, we have to bog ourselves down to the earlier said facets. The thing with our products ,15 inch multimedia television and 17 inch multimedia television, is that they are already launched in the market, what now is required is to put in more fire in the marketing strategy to enhance our sales.

Firstly before making any more new marketing concepts for the products, we should assess that where we are going wrong with our current marketing strategy. Only once when we have identified our problems, then only we can better the strategy for enhancement of sales. We will have to evaluate whether our marketing strategies aren’t based completely wrong ideas, like are we reaching the wrong audience, or are we looking for our target in the wrong places, or we might not be giving compelling messages to the consumer to have faith in the product, or are we not advertising enough to actually catch the eye of our desired consumers.

Another marketing blunder which I believe is happening to our products can be explained best by the following line: “Using the “sledgehammer” approach, or providing too much information, too soon – “The less you tell, the more you sell,” (Courtesy: Russell Kern, CEO of the direct marketing specialist, the Kern Organization) The kind of marketing that is required by us should be based on the lines of receiving major sale boosts.

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According to me the following strategies should be acknowledged for our products, for getting the desired results in the sales quarters. Firstly I feel we should have more of billboard advertising on busy streets, so that our product can reach the audience in a larger way, as on a street there would be students as well as professional in requirement for LCD television like ours. Secondly more expenditure should be done on print ads, in magazines and local papers, as our product’s picture and message should catch the eye of our required audience.

We should do aggressive online marketing, and we should tie up with major product sale sites, as sites like eBay and all are doing brisk business every minute. We need to showcase these new ranges of LCD televisions in tech expos, and electronic expos, so that we will be able to gain major advertising advantage, as we will be seen by large crowds, and mainly our target audiences.

More has to be done by our sales and PR teams, to approach corporate organizations, and on bulk orders, we should provide substantial discounts for getting corporate mileages. If it is possible by any means that the company can bring down their production costs, as in turn it would bring in slashed prices then we would be able to compete with our competitors more efficiently, and probably even give their similar range products a hard time, as we can have our goods sold at cheaper rates than ours.

Even we can setup outsource our contact to an economical BPO, for outsource telemarketing. We should do different advertising for different target segments, like we should have ads more inclined towards the today’s youth for our student targets and we need to have ads portraying professionalism and touch of black elegance for professionals and corporations. I do believe with right strategies we can boost our sales to a new high, uplifting our entire segment of LCD televisions in the process.

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