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Salary Report: Marketing Manager

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From the data provided by the Salary Wizard in CollegeGrad. com, powered by Salary.

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Salary Report: Marketing Manager

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. com). This is from the data taken from the human resources departments as of November 2008. On the other hand, the data provided in the America’s Career InfoNet shows that the median salary for the same position in California is slightly higher and is valued at $122,500 (“Marketing Managers: California”).

The data shows that there is a relatively high compensation for the marketing managers in the area of San Mateo, California. This could be attributed to the fact that this occupation falls among the high-paying jobs in the said industry. However, the demands in terms of knowledge, skills, and abilities would also have to be commensurate with that of the compensation that is given to the individuals in this occupation. With the skills and abilities that I have, I expect a compensation of $110,071, which is the median in Foster, CA.

This is because I could not consider myself to be on the average and would still have a long way to go in terms of professional career in respect to the value that is placed on my experience, skills, and abilities. Likewise, the capabilities that I have still show that there are rooms for improvement and advancement. It can be said that marketing managers in California enjoy a relatively competitive compensation in the industry. Likewise, I expect a median income with the experiences and abilities I have as there are still rooms for improvement to achieve a higher compensation.


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