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Risk Management in Information Technology Security

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Unit 1 Assignment 1: Application of Risk Management Techniques Learning Objectives and Outcomes
You will be able to identify different risk management techniques for the seven domains of a typical IT infrastructure and apply them under different situations.

Assignment Requirements
As discussed in this Unit, after IT professionals identify threat/vulnerability pairs and estimate the likelihood of their occurrence, IT management must decide which risk management techniques are appropriate to manage these risks. IT managers then present this information to the senior management.

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Risk Management in Information Technology Security

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. This assignment allows you to fulfill the role of an IT manager in a small business tasked with determining appropriate risk management techniques for identified threats and vulnerabilities and to make related recommendations to senior management.

Read the scenario given below and then complete the given assignment tasks that are given: Scenario:
YieldMore is a small agricultural company that produces and sells fertilizer products. The company operates through its headquarters in a small town in Indiana. Outside its headquarters, there are two large production facilities—one in Nebraska and one in Oklahoma. Furthermore, YieldMore employs sales force personnel in every state in the U.S. to serve its customers locally. The company has three servers located at its headquarters—Active Directory Server, a Linux application server, and an Oracle database server. The application server hosts YieldMore’s primary software application, which is proprietary program managing inventory, sales, supply-chain, and customer information. The database server manages
all data stored locally with direct attached storage. All three major sites use Ethernet cabled local area networks (LANs) to connect the users’ Windows Vista workstations via industry standard, managed switches.

The remote production facilities connect to headquarters via routers T-1 (1.54 mbps telecomm circuit) LAN connections provided by an external Internet service providers (ISP) and share an Internet connection through a firewall at headquarters.

Individual sales personnel throughout the country connect to YieldMore’s network via virtual private network (VPN) software through their individual Internet connections, typically in a home office. Tasks:

Using the threat/vulnerability pairs, and considering the likelihood of occurrence for each identified by your small group earlier in the Unit, assume the role of an IT manager assigned by YieldMore’s senior management to conduct the following risk management tasks.

1. Analyze and explain each of the threat/vulnerability pairs and their likelihood of occurrence. 2. Determine which of the six risk management techniques is appropriate for each risk explained in Task 1.

3. Justify your reasoning for each chosen management technique. 4. Prepare a brief report or presentation of your findings for senior management to review.

Submission Requirements
Use the following guidelines to submit this assignment:
Format: Use a standard word processor or presentation format compatible with Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.
Font: Arial 10 point size

Line Spacing: Double
Deadlines for submission: By Unit 2

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Unit 2 Assignment 1: PCI DSS and the Seven Domains
Learning Objectives and Outcomes
You will learn and understand best practices related to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and to U.S. compliance laws.

Assignment Requirements
As discussed in this Unit, it is important for IT professionals to implement best practices when facing U.S. compliance laws.
YieldMore Company’s senior management has recently decided to accept credit card payments from YieldMore’s customers. This decision makes meeting PCI DSS objectives and requirements a necessary consideration in order to validate compliance for enforcement organizations. As an IT professional of the company, you should make recommendations to IT management to implement best practices of PCI DSS.

You are asked to identify appropriate best practices of PCI DSS specific to the company’s IT environment. You can refer to the Unit 1 Assignment to review a summary of the environment. 1. Identify the touch points between the objectives and requirements of PCI DSS and YieldMore’s IT environment.

2. Determine appropriate best practices to implement when taking steps to meet PCI DSS objectives and requirements.
3. Justify your reasoning for each identified best practice. 4

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