Responses to 101 Questions on Business Ethics

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Business ethics is one of the most important concepts that an entrepreneur, manager, employees and other stakeholders should consider. It can be said that in order to have a morally and rightful business conducts, the management of the company and other people on it should be able to know the importance of business ethics. Accordingly, the behaviour in which business adhered to in the daily transaction with the world is business ethics.

The ethical perspective of a specific organization can be different but these ethics are bounded by the ethical standards. Since there are many business who already have bad reputation because of their inability to follow ethical standards, various authors have written books that directly involved real people questioning about business ethics and how ethical dilemmas can be given solution.

There are various books that provide different issues and dilemmas relevant to business ethics and the authors have been able to provide personal perspectives about solving ethical issues. One of these is the book entitled Response to 101 Questions on Business Ethics by George Devine (1996).  Accordingly, the book has been able to provide details and information about wide range topics of ethical issues and dilemmas inherent in the business arena for everyone from business employers to other stakeholders of the business like executives and sales people and management to the workforce, consumers and students.

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The book has become very useful in the religious and theology cal studies because it provides and discusses information about practical business ethics from Christian perspective. The book also provide street-wise and candid look at business ethics in the 1990, discussing with integrity, honesty and business acumen real questions of professional ethics, ethics in the business environment and workplace and global and corporate ethics. In this book, the author has been able to answer questions from real students in his classes. His answers were base on his personal perspectives linked with theological and religious knowledge (Devine, 1996, 117).

The ethical questions came from his students and he answered each question hoping that the reader would be able to get involved in the writings in the book.  The book is intended for teaching purposes in business environment, specifically for each stakeholder of the business. It gives critical information on how individuals should act and react in some business dilemmas in ethical manner.

Consequently, various global businesses including most of the organization of major brands can be seen not to think to greatly of good business ethics. Many of these companies have been fined millions for breaking ethical business standards.  If an organization does not comply with business ethics and breaks certain laws, they typically end up being fined and gained bad reputation.

In this regard, the book Responses to 101 Questions on Business Ethics by George Devine is a big help since it gives focus on real life scenario set up by students. It is helpful for the management, the staff and the entire company to know specific ways in dealing with ethical problems and dilemmas. The book has been especially made to enhance the knowledge of people associated with business operations to think moral and legal aspects in every undertaking.

This book is not only for business students but also for theological and religious students to be guided and live morally upright. The difference of this book from other business ethics books is that it is based on Christian perspectives and the bible is used as a reference for answering each question raised by the author’s students.  This book is highly recommended for all individuals in the business, Christian and ordinary world.


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Devine, George. Responses to 101 Questions on Business Ethics. Mahwah,NJ: Paulist Press, 1996. 117 pp

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