Remembering Our Heroes

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Some heroes will not be forgotten because they are written into textbooks for schools, Poe peel related to them ell others about their heroics and stories about them so people can know ho w heroic they were and as long as there is religion there will be the heroes to the religious that WI II be remembered. Some heroes will be remembered forever because they are written into text kooks for schools. The story of Achilles is remembered by tons of people because of TEX taboos. In history classes, kids are taught about the story of Achilles during history classes in mi del school and high school because he was a hero from thousands of years ago.

Achilles is a prime example of why people will remember some heroes through. People remember Moses FRR mom ancient Egypt through teaching from textbooks. In history classes and through chi arches an d religion, his story is taught to the younger generations about how he saved the Jews from slaver y and became a hero. When it comes down to it, it does not matter what era a hero is from, if t he deed of a hero is heroic enough, teachers will teach the next generations about that hero. Nielsen Heroes will be remembered because relatives of them will tell of their heroic efforts to people so they will know of them.

We know of hero's who have died in battle because their relatives told others about what they did for their country. In WWW, the soldiers RSI who won the medal of honor, but died in battle are talked about by their families for their h Eric efforts. WWW hero's are talked about and not forgotten because of their families. When a h age crisis that affects an entire nation occurs families of the hero's who died in the crisis will remember them forever. The families of the hero's from the 9/11 crisis remember their loved o one's everyday and speak of their courageous efforts to save the wounded.

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If it was not for those heroes, there would be hundreds of people who would not have survived the 9/11 crisis that did. There will be some heroes that will be remembered as long as there is religion n. The hero to the Christians and Jews, who is known as the messiah, is named Jesus. He s written about in bibles and known as a hero to the two religions because he died for them, too k away and forgave their sins. He died about two thousand years ago and is still remembered Todd ay through the holiday, Christmas. Abraham is known as the father of Christianity, Judaism, a ND Islam.

He intentioned to praise the lord and continued to teach his two sons about the 10 rd. His son Isaiah continued on the Jewish and Christian religions while the other son that Bra ham had with his slave had continued on the Islamic religion. If it was not for the faith of Abram am, three of the biggest religions in today's world would not be around today but they still are and are taught to billions of people around the world. In conclusion, some heroes will be remembered forever because the relatives of the heroes will tell of their heroic efforts so people will know and because the her sees are written into textbooks for schools.

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