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Our Choice Shape Our Identity

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Our identities are mainly shaped our own decisions and concerns, whereas external factors create opportunities to change our identity. Do we choose our identity or is it chosen for us? With infinite opportunities around us, we are given a path that leads to a new adventure, all determined on whether to follow or refuse. The opportunities around us are often formed from the basis of our family, as they make decisions for us when we are born. An individual’s parents would have more responsibility as they have to take care of their child and themselves.

The way an individual lives is determined by the life style they live, they have the decision to change and determination, which is up to the individual and finally forms their identity. Decisions making is one of the most important factors in an individual’s life, making it a cruel part of the development of our identity. The education system is designed for students to plan their future goals, thus an individual is given numerous numbers of choices, whether it is to become a doctor or a soldier in the military. The choices an individual makes in the present will definitely affect his future.

Throughout William Thornhill’s life, he is offered with many life changing opportunities, his dedication to marry Sal, his choice to become a waterman and many more. From all these decisions-making choices, his identity changes from one to another, most importantly they are choices that William Thornhill made. These choices he made heavily influenced his behaviour and lifestyle which determined his identity at the end, where he starts off as a kid from the ghetto to a gentleman in NSW. The choices an individual makes in the past and present definitely affects the future and identity of an individual.

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The way we live is determined by ourselves, by choices we’ve made in the past and present. Everyone’s identity is unique, because we chose to be different, to achieve this we tend to have different personalities and appearances. Through these changeable aspects, an individual’s identity varies, however an individual’s determination strongly forms their identity, because they are focused on what must be done and will follow that path to achieve their goal. Diana’s childhood goal was to be multitalented, and through all the practices, she decided to become an actress. She refused to co-operate with her mother and follow her own dreams.

Her determination of becoming an actress shaped her identity, by being a strong independent woman and finally achieving her goal through hard work. Her decision of become rebellious and determined are major factors that has affected her today, and shaped her identity. Although it was her choice to become an actress, it was her family who influenced her to be multitalented at a young age. The choices we begin to make are often based on what has been given to us and what we need or want most, thus, unchangeable circumstances are important because they shape our identity before we are capable of making decisions.

Unchangeable external factors stick with an individual, forming the basis of one’s identity. An individual is not in control of the family they are born in, neither are they responsible for the environment they live in. In a sense, an individual will want to live in an environment where it provides a sense of belonging, a place where it defines one’s identity, and living in that environment to reproduce, with the offspring forced to live in the same environment as the parents are.

In the novel, The Secret River, William Thornhill is born into a relatively poor family, through the influence of his parents, stealing meant living. After being transferred to NSW, William Thornhill’s son Dick Thornhill experiences the same situation, where his family is English and civilised, however Dick choses to interact with the aborigines and becoming one of them. His identity as an English white man does not change as it stays with him forever. Family is an important factor when a child develops their identity, as it influences the choices the child makes in the future.

Choices determine our identities, whether it is our own decision or decisions from external sources. With good decision making skills, an individual is able to change their future by making good decisions and having the determination to achieve their goals. Families are a huge influence to our decision making skills, as well as they create opportunities for us to improve our future. Without choices in life, many of our identities wouldn’t be unique, are wouldn’t be able to change, we would all live the same and no one would have individuality.

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