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What challenges does post modernity present for Christian Doctrine?

Introduction Post-modernity is a concept that deals with the study of the mind and emotions in relation to the sense of beauty. It is positioned as a result of modernity, which claims the idea Progress, a sense of history and democratization (e.g. personalization). Post modernity …

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Comparing and Contrasting Alexander Mcqueen and Christian Dior

There are many designers in the fashion industry. Few make some kind of an impact on fashion but most designers rarely have any impact at all. It is truly a once in a generation that designer comes along and completely alters the fashion universe and …

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Christian Science

“There is no life, truth, intelligence, nor substance in matter. All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all. Spirit is immortal Truth; matter is mortal error. Spirit is the real and eternal; matter is the unreal and temporal. Spirit is God, …

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Christian Baptist Religion in a Sociological Perspective

Defining the world ‘religion’ is not an easy process, fraught with difficulties. Throughout the ages, many attempts have been made. Often time’s people tend to focus on a very narrow definition that matches the person’s own beliefs but not others. One of the reasons it’s …

ChristianSociological Perspective
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Christian influences on the modern world

Despite its numerous branches, Christianity as a whole is the religion practiced by majority of world’s population. Ever since its beginnings in the first century AD, it grew exponentially. Massive numbers of its followers have caused it to have considerable influence on the world culture. …

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Christian Places of Worship

————————————————- “Christian places of worship should be plain and simple? ” Discuss. Ollie Gardner This debate is a very strong subject for certain people and religion. For example the Catholics think that it is right to show their appreciation of god by designing their places …

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Paganism vs Christianity

Pagan vs. Christian The holy Catholic Religion had a drastic Christian like impact on the barbarian, Viking Pagans of the Anglo-Saxon Age in England (Elements of Literature 11). The Catholics evolved the aggressive Pagan Vikings into a peaceful society (Williams). Also, the Catholics substituted their …

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Compare and Contrast Christians vs Muslims

As with most religions studied all around the world both Islamic and Christian faith are viewed as powerful and life changing lifestyle in a religious aspect. Although, they are both unique in their own way both religions have helped to shape the people in which …

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Christianity in the Land of Santhals

There is considerable difference of opinion among Christians over the story of Creation. From the Catholic perspective God is ever present in some aspect. There are significant themes in the Bible, Moral Therapeutic Deism and “NOAH” that explicitly express distinct views of creation. The central …

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Leading a Muslim to Christianity

Before leading a Muslim to Christianity, one should have obvious grounds on why you want to convert the particular individual to Christianity? Do you need to show to others something and are you feeling compelled to do it? Has God put this aspiration in your …

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Describe the impact of Christian ecumenical movements in Australia: The National Council of Churches NSW Ecumenical Council Ecumenism refers to the cooperation between different denominations of Christianity to create unity. There are many benefits of ecumenism such as , building trust, reduces duplication, promotes unity, …

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Should Christians invest their money?

In my opinion, Christians have a right to invest in businesses which are biblically acceptable and conduct their businesses as well as using their money in an ethical manner. This means that Christians should not gain wealth through exploitation of the poor neither should they …

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Judeo Christian Veiws on God

Explain how the Judeo Christian tradition shows the goodness of God The ‘goodness’ of God, as a concept, refers to the holiness and care that god himself initiates on his people, however the Judeo-Christian tradition hold that gods attributes cannot be a ‘concept’ as god …

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Why Christians Should Watch the Big Bang Theory

Sarah Blair 10/11/12 Final Draft Lipscomb Seminar Why Christians Should Watch “The Big Bang Theory” The Big Bang Theory is a show about adult nerds who happen to be prodigies at science. In every episode something enviably goes wrong, or a conflict arises. Five main …

Big Bang TheoryChristianChristianityCreationismEvolutіonReligion
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John Winthrop “a Model of Christian Charity” (1630)

John Winthrop “A Model of Christian Charity” (1630) Daisha A. Powell South University John Winthrop “A Model of Christian Charity” (1630) The Puritans had different beliefs from the Pilgrims in which they jilted separatism postulating the Anglican Church could be saved. They wanted to build …

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What is meant by Christian life?
The first followers of Jesus received the term Christian. This name has remained the same to this day. Not being a Christian means following all the rules and doing rituals. It's about a relationship - a friendship that is centered on Jesus Christ.
What is the main theme of Christianity?
Christianity's fundamental tenet is that Jesus Christ is the Son (and Messiah) of God. Christians believe Jesus, who is the Messiah, was anointed from God to save mankind.

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