Our Decisions Determine Our Destiny

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Our whole life is based on the decisions we make, whether it is big decisions like if we choose to go to college, get married, or have kids, or even smaller decisions such as If we decide to turn left or right on a walk. All of these decisions that we make In life can change our future, and of course we all want to make the right decisions so that we have a good future. God is so wonderful that he equipped us with moral law, which provides ways to tell the difference between a good act and a bad act.

Through our conscience, God is speaking to us from the core of our being, indicating acts that are good and warns us of acts that are evil. An amazing poem by an anonymous author highlights the importance of keeping a good Catholic morality: Watch your thoughts, they become your words. Watch your words, they become your actions. Watch your actions, they become your habits. Watch your habits, they become your character. Watch your character, It becomes your destiny. The first line of the poem states "Watch your thoughts, they become your words. "

Every thing that comes out of our mouths comes from a thought- whether consciously or unconsciously. If we never think of anything, then we wont do anything. Usually, a kind, happy thought precedes kind, happy words. It can also go the other way in terms of kind thoughts. The poem reminds us to "watch" our thoughts because part of having goods morals means being kind. We don't want to say anything that we will regret saying or that makes us seem like a bad person. The next line adds on to the poem by stating "Watch your words, they become your actions.

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Our bodies instinctively follow the words we are saying- whether they are sour or sweet. If we say things enough, then we will actually do them. For example, someone can think that they don't like their unrecognized room and want to clean It. That person then tells their mother that they are going to clean It. Over time and countless comments regarding them cleaning their room, they finally do clean their room. Another example could be If someone wants to show off to his or her friends.

Thinking that throwing water balloons at a stranger's car would make them cooler," they say that they will, and eventually they do. The third line of the poems continues this trend by stating "Watch your actions, they become your habits. Believe it or not, it only takes 21 times for the mind to recognize something as a habit. If we continue to do something, over and over, it becomes a habit to us. For example, every morning for school I wake up at 6:00. This becomes a routine, or habit for me. Sometimes we can develop bad habits that deflect from our true beings.

We need to remember to make good actions so that hey become good habits. "Watch your habits, they become your character. " This Is a very strong statement and Is true. The decisions we make can depend greatly on the values and Inclinations that we have Internalized over the years. Character refers to those features and attributes that make up our individuality. Good character results when we cultivate good qualities, habits, and patterns of behavior- that incline us to make good moral decisions. Catholicism identifies essential virtues- faith, hope, and love, known as the theological virtues.

They are gifts from God that help us develop a better relationship with God. By living faithfully, hopefully, and lovingly, we cooperate with God's gifts of faith, hope, and love. God also gives us the cardinal virtues of prudence, Justice, fortitude, and temperance. We strive to have these personal character strengths that direct us toward Christ-like behavior and provide discipline for our passions and emotions. The final line of the poem states "Watch your character, it becomes your destiny. " Our destiny is our lot in life, the future or our fate.

However you're perceived, the way n which your behavior toward others is received will become the shape and rhythm of your days. We as humans have the power to changer our destiny, Just by what we think, say, and do. Everything revolves around the choices we make, using our conscience. God has given us many gifts, but one of the most wonderful gifts of all is our conscience because it directs us to use all our gifts for the good of the community, the common good. The decisions we make decide who we are and our destiny. Used correctly, our conscience can lead us to ultimate happiness with God.

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