Essays on Jesus

Essays on Jesus

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Kubler-Ross’ Five Stages of Grief

Grief involves intense sorrow that may be attributed to someone’s death or other situations that may include heartbreaks from a relationship. This may lead to depression, sadness, and suffering negatively impacting an individual’s health (Kubler-Ross, 1969). An example may involve a husband grieving the death …

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What Is Forgiveness?

Jesus taught that forgiveness Is central to the relationship between God and humans. Unconditional love and forgiveness are closely related to each other, because without originates, It Is Impossible to love unconditionally. As Jesus suffered on the cross, he asked for the forgiveness of his …

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A Good Man is Hard to Find: Short Analysis

In the short story ” A Good Man is Hard to Find” the author, Flannery O’Connor uses the characters in the story to capture the reader’s attention. Most every person has had or has a ‘Grandmother’ in their life, a Bailey, and young children or …

A Good Man is Hard to FindGrandparentHypocrisyJesus
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Facilitating Vocation Discernment for Lifelong Commitment

In our contemporary cultural and ecclesial milieu, commitment appears to be given little or less importance. This is commonly visible around us in the broken promises, divorce from marriages or early departures from priestly and religious life, wounded relationships, wasted potentialities, lack of direction. As …

Human NatureJesusPsychology
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Essay on Gnosticism

Gnostic’s beliefs were so radical the church tried to eradicate any trace of them. They believed that god did not intend to create the physical universe because he would not create a place with imperfections, suffering and hurt. They believe god’s divine essence came out …

ChristianityEssay ExamplesJesusReligionTheology
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Women in the Bible

These verses are about the ritual impurity after the child-bringing. After a male child comes into the world and circumcised on the eighth day, the woman will be unclean until the eighth day. As David Guzik’s commentary on the main understanding of this ceremony is …

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The History of Crusades

Crusades refers to a series of religious-based wars among the Jews, European Christians, and the Muslims, primarily initiated to exercise full control over certain places which were considered sacred by both religious groups. It is mostly held in places regarded as holy such as the …

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What Is Theory of Atonement?

Introduction Born in 1033, Anselm of Canterbury was a Christian theologian whose most celebrated work was his “ontological argument” for the existence of God. He wrote Cur Deus Homo in 1095-98 and in it he presents his account of Christian atonement theory- a theory that …

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Why Should Animals Be Kept in a Zoo

I believe animals should be kept in the zoo because it it helps protect our species from being endangered. It also provides the Public education on all the animals, helps endangered species by breeding the animals and animals are mostly born in the zoo not …

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The Last Supper Analysis

This painting consists of Squares, Rectangles and lot of implied lines. With everyone looking and/or pointing at Jesus it gives an implied line that the eye follows through the painting and keeps the focus on him. The color of the clothing gives the feel of …

ChristianityJesusLast Supper
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The Typological Symbol of the Lamb in the Bible

From the earliest times of human being, images and symbols were a part of social and religious life and integrated its culture. Symbolism has played an active role in all world‘s religions from the beginning and symbols were objects which believers focused on and where …

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Website Evaluation

Not every church will have every ministry. If they do not have a particular ministry, just indicate this in the space provided. Church #1 Name: The Brooklyn Tabernacle Church #1 Website: www. brooklyntabernacle. org 1. Ministry is…praying for others. a. Does the church have a …

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Theology of Missions

The Bible chronicles mans fall from what God created him to be, and God’s desire to restore a sinful man unto Himself through missions. Even though man was originally made perfectly in the image of God, man would eventually succumb to his free will and …

ChristianityEssay ExamplesGodJesusReligionTheology
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Funny Story

One day in early September the chief of a Native American tribe was asked by his tribal elders if the winter of 2009/10 was going to be cold or mild. The chief asked his medicine man, but he too had lost touch with the reading …

Essay ExamplesJesus
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The True Essence of Christmas

Gift to audience: “One starry night just before Christmas, a gift wrapper, ribbon, card and box were sitting beside the fireplace and a gift joined them. ” Said Gift Gift sits beside other characters. Ribbon suddenly stands up. Ribbon to characters: “Christmas is only a …

ChristmasEssence of ChristmasJesus
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Who is Jesus and why is he important?
Jesus Christ, also known by the names Jesus Christ and Jesus of Galilee (born c. 6 bce in Bethlehem--died around 30 ce in Jerusalem), was a religious leader who is highly respected in Christianity, the largest religion on earth. Most Christians regard him to be the Incarnation God.
Who is Jesus simple?
Jesus of Nazareth, also called Jesus Christ, is a Jewish teacher and reformer who has become the main and center figure of Christianity. Christians follow Jesus' example, accept his words and worship him as the Jewish messiah, the incarnation and the Messiah of God.

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