My reasons for applying for admission to Cerritos College

Last Updated: 07 Dec 2022
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My father, a CEO of a mid-sized logistics company in South Korea, has always stressed the importance of receiving a good education to me. After graduating from high school he did not to go to college because he wanted to earn by building his own small business, instead of spending money on college tuition.

For the first few years, his business seemed to run satisfactorily. However, he had a difficult time in managing his business with the lack of education he received. Whenever he had to make some important decisions in operating business he realized that he was not competent enough to make smart and sound decisions.

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Eventually, his first small logistics business failed. This was a major turning point for my father. He immediately enrolled in college with a major in Business Administration. After graduating and armed with a degree, my father felt empowered with the education he received and set off to try his hand on fulfilling his goals in business. His present success proves that a college education really makes a difference.

My dream is to become a CEO of a company like my father. My father encouraged me to study in the United States, where the quality of education is high and where most of the famous and successful CEOS of big corporations have received their education.

For one to dream big, one has to start with small steps. Thus, my short-term goal is to be accepted into Cerritos College and receive both good grades and experience cultural diversity. My mid-term goal is to transfer to Stanford University after completing an associate degree at Cerritos College. Lastly, becoming an influential CEO of a big company is my long-term goal.

Recalling the phrase I read from economy section of the newspaper, “To become a successful CEO of a company the person has to be good at making decisions, both fast and reasonable decisions”.

I already proved that I have an excellent potential in becoming a successful CEO of a company by making the right decision and that is choosing Cerritos College, the ideal place to equip myself with lots of knowledge and valuable experience which are core requisites for accomplishing my dream.

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