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RET potash a series called Documentaries on 1, these touch on may subjects and might be suitable for the longer version of this programmer. However, I would like to think that other stations will be willing to look at the subject matter and consider it as a stand-alone piece. The independent radio stations, Nearer - or LOAM, regularly do these kind of projects. Radio Techniques Voice, passion, and the stark contrast will play the main element of my documentary. Music will be important, but not the main factor. I intend, at this time, to use a cut in as my intro.

This will be a combination of low bass slow beat Music, overlapped by a girl crying, fading out to a door closing, heavy rain falling, and then introduction. Here I will come in and introduce my if rest guest... Don't have any plans to intermittently use sound effects through the programmer, however, that may change when look at post production; I'm not ruling it out at this time. Troubleshooting refer to take the approach of trying to see of any problems before bring my project to paper, think this is why it takes me longer settle on my assignment, and I know this is something I need to address.

I do worry a bit that the voices of the two people I know may not be as strong within the programmer itself, but I plan to walk them through it a few times on a 'Dry run' before the actual show itself, and I hope this will make them more relaxed.

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Last year I was very lucky to meet a young Irish woman called Rosemary, she is homeless, she IS identity less, and she is clinically blind. Rosemary is one of fife's very hard luck stories, but she is always smiling and she makes the most of life.

The statistics for the homeless of Dublin, say an average of 1 60 people without permanent home or shelter, sleep on the streets of the capital city every night. This figure could be off by as much as 50/60 people per night however, as a lot of homeless people walk around during the night and then sleep on a park bench by day, so they aren't included in the list. Every system that should have been in place to protect Rosemary, has failed her. She comes from a traveler background. Her mother left her when she was very nouns, and she was used and abused by a succession of supposed relatives.

The department of social protection classify her as non-existent; she has no passport, no identity card, and no UPS number. She lives in a shed, when she can, and when that is not available, she sleeps in doorways, or relies on the kindness of homeless shelters to help her out. I met Rosier, on a bitterly cold night in Dublin city during a drive to bring clothes and food to the homeless, she was wearing sandals and her feet were purple with cold. It shocked me to the core that a young blind woman, could be homeless, feel her story serves airtime.

I wanted this to be part of a bigger documentary, something that looks at the diversity Of life, initially just about Women, but ultimately across a wide divide. Shawn, is the proprietor of Sex Soap, a health based, body safe, sex toy distributor for both men and women. She could not be more different than Rosier. That said, the fact that they are female, both very close in age, both live in Ireland, and neither of them thought they would be doing what they do now, is the thread of my programmer. My show plans to look at the diverse lives of these two women, who, but for fate, could be so efferent.

My guest Shawn, came about simply from following her on twitter. Her tweets, which one might expect to be lewd and disingenuous, are in fact very amusing, her ability to speak freely, and also her accomplished style of writing intrigued me. Couple that with the fact that she has won the Realer awards, and been asked to speak about safe sex and body conscious products, was enough for me to know I wanted to include her in this project. Originally wanted my show to be three voices, however, I felt time constraints would limit what each would get a chance to say, and I wanted the entrant to be relatively stark.

I found that my time could have been put to better use, by not dithering over the little things, like who to put first on the running order, or how much information to include from research rather than letting their voices be the show. Did struggle with wanting the show to be purely their voices, and realizing that if I'm to market a brand, then I have to be a part of that branding. Women in business do have a harder time Of it than men that is a proven fact. Young women in business harder again, the sex industry business is just rife for negative connotations.

However, engaged to find a young woman, filled to the brim with positivist, who speaks regularly at events to not only promote her business, but also to promote safe sex, and healthy lifestyles. Homeless people are generally branded as junkies, or alcoholics, trouble makers, or down and outs, with little if anything to offer to the world. My experience has taught me that is not true, and no more so than now when families are being made homeless against their will. I hope that the choices I have made with regard to imagery through music, different voices, and with the content of the programmer, shows a well- leaned out process.

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