Brand Philosophy of a Radio Channel

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Brand philosophy ''It's Hot'' the promo for the channel has become everyday lingo of the youth. "Its Hot! ... Most Popular Radio Channel amongst Youth at the 2nd Global Youth Marketing Forum, the tag line “ its Hot! ” conveys that the brand is young, exciting. Radio Mirchi is also very adaptive as it customizes itself based on the city it is in. Radio Mirchi Chennai is typically in Tamil and its slogan ‘What a Fun! ’ has bowled its fans over. Radio Mirchi Mumbai is dominated by Marathi. Thus, the language, culture and region are carefully kept in mind by everyone from the RJs to the producers.

Radio Mirchi is truly an innovative radio station. It caters to the needs of all sections of society in spite of its ‘young’ feel. For example, ‘Chatpati Baatein’ is a show for women, specifically housewives, bored out of their wits after a long day of work. Similarly, ‘On the Move’ is for executives and the movers and shakers of the corporate world. Music, chat shows and interviews are enjoyed by the youth and are relayed throughout the day at regular intervals. It keeps customer informed. Willingness to help customer through different programs. They are having gender base segmentation, age group base, etc.

In the early morning they are targeting to the old persons because they likes bhajans & kirtans. In the early morning they stared this programme at 5 am to 7 am. They are providing gift vouchers, gifts couple tickets, etc. So consumer or the listeners are attract and listen the radio mirchi. They are using Clustered Preferences. Radio Mirchi targeted to the college students and teenagers so they are playing hot & new songs. They are also targeting the mature person & they like to listen songs. Radio Mirchi are playing this kind of old songs in the night in the show Purani Jeans.

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For many different occasions Mirchi came up with unique game or any kind of attractive show. For eg. New Year’s, Diwali, R. D. Burman’s birthday etc. customers are highly attracted to all these innovative shows and participated. It uses the tagline "Sakat hotmaga, Mirchi SunneWale Always Khush, It's hot. Radio Mirchi promotes its radio station in different cities in their local language. The punch line of Radio Mirchi (Mirchi sunnewale always khush) focuses on its customer and the quality of music provided by them. They try to come up with new innovative ideas thereby making their radio the most preferred station with largest listenership.

There latest innovation is in the style of radio jockeys. Generally, radio jockeys speak non-stop quite fast entertaining the masses. Their way of telling jokes attracts people. It delivers the best combination of innovative content and interesting initiatives. Their programs: SHOW TIME which target TARGET AUDIENCE, Female oriented Khoobsurat , Quizzes related to Total Filmy bollywood, Sunset Samosa , Play old music Purani Jeans, Ask solution for Dr. Love relationship problems . -Naina Sharma Roll no. -935

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