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Professional Career Action Plan As the health care industry grows, the request for higher education is also at a demand. With health care evolving and technology expanding, professional within the health care category must utilize career building and planning resources. As a student of higher education, one must analyze his or her professional aspect within the health care system. This essay will discuss my views on my professional goal, the health care Job I plan to have, the skills I currently have and the skills that I will need to alter.

Thus the essay will further discuss my plan to achieve my professional goal, he resources available with organizations that will help further professional goal, and the benefits of acquiring a professional career action plan. Professional Goal As I went through my Journey at University of Phoenix, my professional goals have changed many times. With so many knowledgeable facilitators in the fields and receiving feedback on the fields have helped construct a definite decision on what my professional goals will be.

There are so many opportunities in assisting the community and health care organizations from small clinics to larger health organizations. I would like to be an advocate for the Hmong community. I believe that within the Hmong community there is much needed guidance for the children of this generation and many generations to come. This goal does not necessarily remain with the health care industry however; I believe that it is the foundation of all generations to have a successful ongoing community for the Hmong population.

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This professional goal is to Join a nonprofit anti- bullying association and volunteer my free time to gain knowledge on educating the society on how prevalent bully is and the effects. From there I wish to gain access to reach out to the Hmong Women's ssociation. This association is a Sacramento based organization dedicated advance the knowledge of the Hmong community. I want to help educate the Hmong community on bully within the community because all forms of bullying can have an impact on these children who will be able to help shape our society and our health care system ("Hmong Womens Association", 2012).

My next professional goal is to work in a health care facility within a hospital setting. The Job I wish to acquire in the Health care facility is to be a management coordinator for the utilization unit at a hospital. Job Skills The Job skills that I currently have for the health care management utilization coordinator is I am a confident speaker, the desire of being a patient advocate, and the self will to retain and gain higher education and the ability to adapt to changes.

I believe that my skills are essential to this Job because I am able to speak confidently on the work I do, my desire for being a patient advocate will ensure that patients are receiving quality of care, attaining higher education to expand my knowledge in the field and the ability to adapt to the new health care reform that will be taking place within the health care industry. The skills that I need to hone for this Job is to advance my knowledge in technology. Another skill that is needed is on now to use an excel program. As the health care industry evolves so does technology.

I believe that technology is forever changing and growing. Therefore, I need to have knowledge because health care systems are becoming paperless and becoming digital. For example, the use of video conference is very common in the health care field and the knowledge to run such program is beneficial. The use of excel spreadsheet is a growing skill within this field because it helps track the patients ases that are and need to coordinated. Having such skill is extremely beneficial because it will help organizing cases to make sure patients receive quality care ("Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet", 2012).

Another skill that I may need to obtain is experience of the Job. I see while Job search on Monster Jobs is health sectors are searching for candidates with Job experience. While looking through there I also notice that for this Job it requires me to have a degree of Bachelor or higher. I can understand that within this economy, the education I have is a good aspect, however I must be able to market my education and my knowledge (Health Care Administration, 2011). Achieving Professional goals I think that my career goals are within reach and I can accomplish anything that I sent my will to.

My plan to achieve these goals is to keep expanding my knowledge and education myself on the changing and evolving health care system. I also plan to further my education and obtain a Master's degree in management and leadership. I want to obtain a degree higher than bachelor degree because I want to my children, family and community to look up to me and realize that education will be a lifetime orth investment. The professional organizations that will be able to help me achieve these goals are to belong to the American College of Health Executives

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