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Extended Definition Essay: Professional Dog Breeder

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Student Instructor ENG 101 9 November 2011 Professional Dog Breeder A definition for the title “professional dog breeder” is not found in any dictionary nor are there any established laws that regulate the breeding of dogs, only the housing and feeding of them. Dog breeder most commonly calls up all manner of horrific images mass-produced by broadcast news and talk show commentators to depict starving, filthy, dying dogs and puppies caged in tiny wire pens.

People do not realize the negative mental outlook this misconception attaches to all breeders nor do they realize that these dog breeders are not only cruel but breaking the only basic laws that regulate the business. It is evident there is a cavernous gap between a good professional breeder and a backyard breeder concerning the quality of dogs bred and the care provided for them.

In fact, a good professional dog breeder will do everything in his or her power to insure the prospective owner receives a genetically healthy puppy with the highest quality bloodlines. Being a dog breeder does not automatically make a person a cruel or inhumane pet owner. The definition of a good “professional dog breeder” is an individual that will have every dog genetically tested to insure only the best are used for breeding, will be meticulously dedicated to improving bloodlines, and will strive to match each puppy to the lifestyle of the prospective owner.

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One of the first definitions for the title “professional dog breeder” will be someone aware of the genetic issues prominent for his or her specific breed and will have certified genetic testing completed to prevent these faults from being passed to future generations. Genetic testing is vital to the professional breeder that prefers to sell based on his or her good reputation. In addition, genetic testing on adult dogs will greatly increase the percentage of high quality, genetically sound puppies being produced.

Genetic testing on the ears, eyes, and teeth can be certified by any veterinary during a well-puppy visit done between five and seven weeks of age. Therefore, professional breeders have testing performed on the eyes and ears as a courtesy more than a genetic concern. Testing preformed on teeth will be slightly more involved and presents a larger concern because the occasional baby tooth has to be surgically removed to insure the bite pattern is smooth and even. More advanced genetic testing, such as for luxating patella (congenital structural deformity of the knee) and testing on cardiac function, are serious and more involved.

Results have to be mailed to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, where test results are recorded to their database. Prospective owners have the ability to view certification and testing results at their convenience. Likewise, a professional breeder will have genetic DNA test results registered with the American Kennel Club for any male old enough to sire a litter. Indeed, the genetic results from the DNA can be invaluable if there is an issue involving proof of parentage. A professional breeder will be very diligent about keeping all test results up to date and posted on the proper canine data research boards.

The professional breeder will strive to produce genetically sound puppies that new owners will be proud to own. No professional breeder would ever breed two dogs of questionable genetics because the puppies would be the ones to suffer. Another definition for the title “professional dog breeder” is an individual meticulously dedicated to improving the bloodlines for any future puppies they hope to produce. The AKC has very distinct guidelines for the ideal representative of each breed.

The AKC is the established authority on all things dog related, the AKC rules and regulations are the basis and final word for all breeding, testing and showing. To produce the best quality, needs the true and proven bloodlines of the older Champion dogs. Many of the great old name bloodline sires passed without any offspring to carry their grandeur into future generations. A professional breeder will research and locate these wonderful old bloodlines that may still be available. The professional breeder has a relentless desire to find the perfect male to mate with his or her female to produce puppies with the greatest bloodlines possible.

This process involves many hours of research comparing pedigrees to find the ideal bloodlines. As a result, professional breeders will prefer breeding privileges to the older Champion males for the simple fact they may be the only remaining prodigy from a highly desired bloodline. Consequently, the breeding between the prized male and prospective female may require months of planning. The breeder spends hours trying to determine the advantages based on each dog according to size, body shape, and coat length. Professional breeders will wait months and drive ours to procure the breeding rights to a perfect male for their female. The dreams of a lifetime may be the result of crossing two exceptional bloodlines. Lastly, a definition for the title “professional dog breeder” will be an individual that strives to match the personalities of the puppies to the personalities and lifestyles of the prospective owners. This may sound like a very easy thing to accomplish, when in fact it requires a great deal of effort. A professional breeder will desire for his or her puppy to become part of a wonderful home.

It is the responsibility of the professional breeder to ensure his or her puppy is matched with the best human family. For example, a large puppy will be a match made in heaven for a family with several rowdy children. A professional breeder will allow the robust, out-going, much larger puppy to play with the children. In turn, this will allow the parents to see how well the larger puppy responds to children. This puppy will be very comfortable with the noise and activity; his or her larger size will allow slightly more energetic play.

In comparison, a smaller, shy puppy may be placed in the room for a second to allow the parents to see how totally unacceptable a tiny, shy puppy would be for their large, noisy family. This puppy will be too scared to move and will cower in the corner. Similar to this, for the young, athletic couple the professional breeder will introduce a very energetic, bouncy puppy that will run laps around the room. It would not be a suitable match to offer this couple a calm, relaxed, or timid puppy because it would never match their life style, both parties would be miserable.

On the other hand, when the shy, tiny puppy is placed in the arms of an elderly gentleman, it is love at first touch. Without any fear, the timid puppy gives kisses, plays and snuggles in the gentleman’s lap and goes fast asleep. When the puppy and the prospective owner are matched properly, they form a trusting and loving bond that will transcend time. As one can see, the title “professional dog breeder” has a depth of meaning often overlooked by the public. Mating a male and a female dog does not make a good professional breeder.

With so many things to consider, a good professional breeder will only breed dogs that are tested and cleared genetically. They wish to produce puppies utilizing the best Champion bloodlines available. They strive to match the personality of the puppy to the prospective owner. Competent breeding is a full-time commitment that requires many hours of research. When good genetics, personalities, and bloodlines are combined the professional breeder has the perfect recipe for a lifetime of companionship and happiness between puppy and owner.

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