Procurement Strategies suggested for a new Concert Hall

Last Updated: 12 May 2020
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The process of fulfillment of goods, works or services from the outside party or in-house providers for the satisfaction and accomplishment of the tasks or objectives. This revolves around the whole circle of determining the necessity falling in because the stoppage of the service provision or the end of the functional life of an asset or the valuable.

On local consideration procurement is basically focusing to achieve highest level of excellence and effective and efficient measures of cost meeting the necessities of consumers and the survivors of the community localities. This provides the deep insight and comprehensive investigation and critical analysis of the alternative opportunities accessible to transport a service or make a real time availability of an asset.

Designing a procurement strategy specifically leads to all decisions in order to tackle the best optimization of resource procurement routine making the real time availability of low value attainment of consumables to the highest valued complex decision making schemes of attainment. To deliver the highest value deliverables on the basis of strategic procurement decisions will definitely on differing platform from the value procurement work deliverables. However, the directing procurement philosophy and thoughts will remain stagnant.

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It’s a confirm say that these procurement strategies does not function in isolation but it needs an integrating mechanism with other committee strategies and decision making, same even in the case of construction concept applies here in the assignment. In short the procurement process is a cycling vehicle for supporting and delivering these policies to make the required goods and services available at the right time in the right quantity no matter what the area of consideration is (Construction Best Practices 2002-03).

Working of occasional clients: Entering in to the construction world does not mean that each and every player in that market would be a brilliant player and regular procurers of construction work. Here we will be discussing on the same set of objectives considering the foreword opening to construction procurement for occasional clients enriching their knowledge from the essential and crucial segments to transitional and intermediary understanding of segments in the procurement process.

In order to move forward, these occasional clients applies a steep and sharp learning curve on their life cycle of attaining projects, yet founding a procurement strategy at the beginning shows hope for a successful outcome. Usually every construction industry has some of its strengths and weaknesses making the whole cycle to be based on the significant steps each followed by each player in the industry.

These steps are discussed below categorized as one of the worldwide recognized method used in the procurement of construction projects. They must be looking for a particular beneficial solution that meets their needs at its best giving the cost what they have estimated on the required delivery timings mentioned with some future dates, to accomplish this there are numerous strategies and tactics to implement what and how they want their project to survive faithfully.

Although no proper professional advice is taken that may lead occasional clients to timely and accurate fulfillment of these projects, clients must take some impartial professional advice from the building contractors, surveyors, architects, building service companies and ultimately from designers also to make their projects successful on the strong note of agreement that they would not get involve in the project by themselves. Possible alternative methods of procurement:

While discussing the project of constructing a new concert hall also seems that it’s the matter of working resulting from the occasional projects base which is a verified need felt and commissioned by a trust body. Verifying the prevailing needs for this project would be only possible through the statement of needs addressed and the suggested value proposition meant from that project. Success of a concert hall will only depend on the verified needs by the trust body followed by detailed points of consideration that should be achieved by the constructing company while delivering the desired value proposition to their client.

The detailed copy of the requirements are derived from the brief body developed from the business case and provided by the trust body developed specifically to maximize the interest of their stakeholders in direct and indirect contact of attraction (everyone who will be affected positively or negatively by the successful completion of this concert hall, even those who will be using the facility of concert hall for their income generation or whatever purpose they want to fulfill).

This process is demanded to meet the demand and objectives prioritizing the project needs following the physical and environmental, all tangible and intangible, and financial parameters of the project (Gravesham 2001). Now moving ahead with assessing the different forms of alternatives and options available in respect of the learning developed from the business case provided from the client’s end.

It may also be considered that constructing a new place for the client might not be a good decision of cost effectiveness in the project while client may get agree on getting a place on rent, lease, buying an existing facility, doing some extensions into the existing facility, or doing some amendments or changes in your existing facility and premises; these all could be the possible best alternatives that can be considered for doing a cost effective and cheaper business compared to others.

This means that you are possibly interested in working on low-cost leadership strategies for procuring the construction needs. For doing so the possible alternatives and substitutes for each of the method suggested must be analyzed and weighed up at an early stage in project development. Doing this step, your decision should be based on the comprehensive details of the case focusing on the return on capital investment that seems to dig out the probable remuneration to operational efficiency or income flow (Chan 2006).

There should be a proper risk management done to avoid the inherent risks in developing any procurement strategies, these risks could be varied from not meeting the needs, lately timed deliverables and more of funding costs, although these risks sounds less dangerous but still they will be impacting the client’s business very badly. Even in the case of concert hall project the development of the strategy out of the suggested ones should be very well analyzed in respect of different risk factors prevailing around it at the starting level.

The focus points of meeting deliverables should consider the correlation of interdependency in between concert hall’s successful implementation weighting down the risky factors in three parts; cost, time and quality from where cost is the concerned price or certainty discovered in establishing cost, time is the required speed or certainty in its completion and quality reveals about the functional performance of the project.

Focus on all of these risky factors would only make the situation bright otherwise focusing on just one or two will definitely be resulting with a negative effect on the project’s deliverables targeted (Walker and Hampson 2002). Time Cost Quality As shown in the diagram; B, C and D is the most prioritized areas which can be catered as the utmost areas considered as the most central points for project success.

All have importance for risky factors associated with them but all of the three above mentioned areas does not cater to have identical importance in meeting concert’s hall’s completion of project deliverables. There are certain procurement strategies in meeting the deadlines for concert hall successful implementation like the certainty of cost and time for the overall design development of the hall by an architect as per clients’ instructions who would be engaged in the workings of the trust body.

However, this seems a very chronological and organized method as a result for this while, termed as a slow process (officially termed as the traditional procurement process or design-bid-build process). Another strategy would be based on the relative working of speed and cost certainty, while over here the designing is the sole task offered to the contractor and the trust body would not have much say over the matter of design processing (known as design-build process).

Next strategy could be based on the process of either management contracting or construction management that works with the relative speedy work of the design development by an architect given the task on client’s employment but it is the fact that we have to fight against the uncertain cost until the completion of the project. Now we will be discussing each of these strategies in a comprehensive detailed environment focusing more towards the objectives and targets to be met for the concert hall project.

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