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Pro Capital Punishment – Paper

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One of the main reasons that people object to the death penalty In because of the fear that the wrong person could be convicted and put to death. Even though an innocent person could be wrongfully convicted, certain criminals should face the death penalty because It ensures the murderer can commit no more crime In the future and it Installs fear In other potential criminals. In July 2010 1 heard on Fox 21 News that three convicted murderers escaped from an Arizona prison, these murderers were facing fifteen years to life for their crimes.

One of the three men was caught in Western Colorado two of the men still remain at large. This Is a really scary situation. Frightening enough people escape from prison, jail and half way homes more than people are aware of. C. Sullenness reported that the Bureau of Justice Statistics in 1 998 showed that 6,530 people escaped or were ALLOW from state prisons (2001 , Para. 2). Shown below is the prison population for two separate years and show the number of Inmates that escaped or were ALLOW. (Sullenness, 2001 , Para. ) According to this research this, is not very many escapes and the reason that we don't hear about it is because not many of the escapes are as dramatic as movies and T. V shows make them seem. Although the statistics show that this number is not really high, It still proves that Inmates are capable of escaping and they do. For example the Texas Seven escaped from John Connelly unit in the year 2000 these men were highly dangerous and were looking at serving many years for their crimes, one of the men had ninety nine years to serve.

Eventually all the men got recaptured thanks In large part to the popular TV show "Americas Most Wanted", but It took more than a year. In that one year many people lived in fear, scared to go outside alone at eight. Innocent people should not have to live in that constant fear. Many innocent lives were put at risk including a security officer who lost his life when the men escaped. We shouldn't risk are families. If criminals found guilty of pre-meditated crimes are given the death penalty it would ensure that they don't escape and begin to kill again.

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Guarantying those citizens our kept safe from such violence. Capital punishment could do more than Just keep criminals off the street; it can also prevent crime. When someone Is put to death, due too serious crime they have committed In he society other potential criminals take It as a warning that such violence will not be tolerated and dissuades them from committing any crime worthy of the death 1 OFF penalty Research cone Day VIC Lee Inelastic Tanat "In ten mom to late number of executions stabilized, the murder rate increased.

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