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Principles Of Management Argumentative Essay

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Opportunities, constraints and demands can all be related to stress, although they all are of different nature. In the case of Boots, the company decided to reduce the cost and improve the efficiency by using a new automated unit instead of the old manual one. Although, the opportunity of reducing the cost and improving efficiency was there, stress was imposed upon the employees as more than 2000 of them were getting displaced. The company had to give them notices about 2 years in advance and had to talk with several union groups. Constraint can also be related to stress.

If an individual is going to lose his job, then he would get mentally stressed about what his future is going to be and what would be the status of his family. This would be the plight of the 2000 employees of Boots who were losing their job. Demands are also related to stress. There would be more amount of physical and mental work, and hence more amount stress. As the company had to change its structure and technology, it had faced some amount of stress. Yes, it is necessary that for a change to be successful that it be planned out in a proper manner.

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Principles Of Management Argumentative Essay

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However, even unplanned changes could be also be effective. If the change is imposed and if proper problem-solving methods are utilized (to take care of the issues that may arise at work), then to some extent unplanned changes could also be effective. However, usually planned changes are usually more effective than unplanned ones. Page 383-384 -385 read and answer all the questions on page 385 Continuing Case on Starbucks The goals and the plans of the organization are sorted out and the tasks that have to be completed in the organization are determined.

Once the work to be done is determined, the structure of the organizational activities should be discussed so that work can be carried out effectively and efficiently. As quality is a very important feature at Starbucks, it is necessary that each employee recruited in the company should be interested in maintaining the company’s quality standards. To ensure these standards are maintained, the company would be talking with the potential employees about any issues that they would be facing whilst working with them. Starbucks takes in individuals who are 16 years and above to work for them.

These individuals can apply for jobs at the company online. Jobs can also be applied at various locations of the company. The company also organizes several recruitment episodes frequently in the US. In such a job fair, the potential employees and partners would be speaking to their recruiters. An individual can work for the company full time or part time. Students can also work for the company during the summer period. q. 2. Advantages of such an arrangement include:- 1. Growth and opportunities would be greater. 2. Maintaining better human relationships. 3. Concentrating more on quality.

q. 3. Six organizational structures seen include HR management, quality control, training, operations, organizational development, partnership. q. 4. advantages – the managers who would be in greater interactions with the local headquarters, would be working as per the requirements of the central unit of Starbucks. This would ensure that global changes are enabled. Disadvantage – It may be difficult for a greater amount of managers to maintain a single unit. q. 5. Starbuck prefers to deal with its employees directly rather than having a employee union involved.

It would rather talk with the employees and solve their problems, rather than having a union. q. 6. As the company has increased the number of managers present in the branches, frequent interactions would help to maintain modifications as suggested by the head quarters. Issues and concerns can be conveyed by meetings and conferences. q. 7. Some of the ways in which the organization would have to function include:- 1. maintaining quality 2. bringing about partnership with local firms 3. ensuring human resources are treated properly 4. ensuring total satisfaction and trust from their customers 5.

providing the customers with additional services in collaboration with other companies This can be achieved by:- 1. Speaking to the employees during the recruitment period itself. 2. Increasing the selection. The job description I would be selecting would store manager. The job description and the job specification of this post sufficient. More number of managers are being to perform their duties, which would definitely he q. 10. Training are provided in several different fields such as computer skills, resolving conflicts and management skills. These training programs would help the organization to take up new tasks and tomorrow.

q. 11. I would be orienting the staff members on mentoring, quality, partnership working to the consumer’s satisfaction. q. 13. • releasing new products and services rather quickly • collaborating with the customers • collaborating with employees and partners Chapter 14 Page 420-421 Case Application, Answer questions 1-2-3-4 on page 421 The personality characteristics that suit WaMu include caring, human, dynamic, driven, and fair, etc. The company provides many financial services and packages to its customers and gives them a lot of priority. The company also considers that the employees are responsible for its success.

WaMu’s Employee Attitude Survey: Describe the core values of the company 1. Fair: Yes / No 2. Human: Yes / No 3. Dynamic: Yes / No 4. Driven: Yes / No How does the company value the customers? 1. High 2. Average 3. Low Rank how successful the company is in terms of working for? 1. Within the top ten 2. Within the top 25 3. Within the top 50 4. Within the top 100 5. Within the top 200 How do the managers behave with the staff? 1. Good 2. Average 3. Not so good From the details of the survey conducted by the Fortune Magazine, the employees must be pretty satisfied about working for WaMu.

The quality of life experienced by the employees at the company is very high. Job satisfaction does have a very positive impact on the work outcomes. Both the effectiveness and the efficiency of the staff member would improve, if he/she is satisfied with the job. Hence, it is vital that the company improves the job satisfaction levels of the employees. The company does demonstrate its core values by ensuring appropriate treatment of its employees and the customers. The company’s CEO does know that the success of the company depends on the performance of its employees and the response of its customers.

Why might a manager want to stimulate conflict in a group or exam? How could conflict be stimulated? A manager would want to stimulate certain amount of conflict in the group, as it would develop some amount of competiveness and development in the organization (especially healthy) organization. Some of the ways in which conflict can be stimulated include:- 1. Motivating the staff members who are performing well in front of those who are not. 2. An open review process Do you think that everyone should be expected to be a team player, given the trends we’re seeing in the use of teams? Discuss

Yes every member of the team should be playing a role in the development and progression of the team. This role should be functional. However, it may be difficult to perform in a team and function in a team that has been newly be established. Chapter 15 Page 431 Answer questions. Thinking Critically about ethics Groupthink is a phenomenon which may exist in a working group. It would definitely create some amount of unity in the group and ensure that the interest of all the members is propagated. All the members would be having similar ideas and everyone would be confirming with the ideas of the group.

This is good as it would be preventing any conflicts from developing at the workplace. The staff members would also be satisfied with one another. However, as all the individuals would be thinking in one particular direction, creative ideas and solutions may not come out. Hi Customer, Please make a note – Page 385 had two pages as such. One page was completely blank; the other page had only two questions. Page 447 has only the “management by numbers” section. No questions present. I have written question 4 present on 421. The information on page 420 is only about 10 lines. Regards, RF.

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