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Positioning Strategy of Grameen Phone

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Positioning Strategy By creating product, service, channel, people & image differentiation Grameenphone reach the consumer touch point more effectively & efficiently in comparing with their competitors in the highly competitive telecommunication sector. 1. Product Differentiation: Network (best, quality): Grameenphone has the largest network with the widest coverage around the country, bringing 98 percent of the population under the coverage of its network. The entire Grameenphone network is also EDGE/GPRS enabled, allowing GP subscribers to access the Internet from anywhere within its coverage area.

The 10,000 Base Stations are located in about 5,700 sites around the country. The company has so far invested more than BDT 10,700 crore (USD 1. 6 billion) to build the network infrastructure since its inception in 1997. It has invested over BDT 3,100 crore (USD 450 million) during the first three quarters of the current year while BDT 2,100 crore (USD 310 million) was invested in 2006 alone. Grameenphone is implementing an aggressive roll-out program by installing new network elements with an emphasis on maintaining quality service.

A number of steps are being taken to identify the problems spots in the network in order to constantly improve quality. Special efforts are being taken to constantly monitor and ensure network quality in the urban areas. In Dhaka and other major cities in- building coverage solutions and microcells have been deployed to provide improved coverage in important high-rise buildings and busy street junctions. 2. Service Differentiation: Business Solutions is a complete, quality business communications service from Grameenphone – designed especially for the business community in Bangladesh.

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Their Business Solutions teams are here to help provide their customers with customized telecommunications solutions through consultation with their customers. Messaging Services GrameenPhone have various messaging services allow the customers ways to communicate smarter, faster, more efficiently and more cost- effectively on the go. SMS (Short Message Service): Fast and affordable messaging through SMS. Send a SMS to any mobile phone in Bangladesh and to more than 115 countries with their international SMS service. Voice SMS: Save time and personalize message through a voice SMS.

This service provides the flexibility to record it up to 120 seconds of audio – MMS (multimedia messaging): The MMS service provides to take pictures customize it with animation, music, video clips and send it across the globe within seconds. Cell e-mail: Send emails without a computer. With cell e-mail, Customers have the facilities to e-mail any GP number through an SMS and email any PC across the globe. SMS Banking: Enjoy hassle-free account updates from renowned banks like Standard Chartered Bank, BRAC Bank, Bank Asia, etc. Customer Services

GP strive to take care of their customers all telecommunications needs. Key Account Managers and Customer Service Managers are assigned to provide prioritized service to Business Solutions subscriber’s right from the beginning of the relationship. Priority Service GP believe in the importance of human touch in the business world. As they step into third year of providing innovative communication solutions, Business Solutions aims to provide enhanced priority services. Prioritized Hotline 121 Enjoy prioritized customer service by simply dialing 121.

Dedicated customers care managers are available round-the-clock, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week only to serve. Business Solutions postpaid subscribers can call 121 absolutely free of cost. Value Added Services Take customer business to new heights. Business Solutions pioneers in introducing state of the art Value Added Service to help. Missed Call Alert Missed Call Alert and get SMS notification of the attempted call when phone was off. To subscribe the service, type on and send to 6222. Stock Information The latest updates of the Dhaka and Chittagong Stock Exchange are now in consumer palm.

To avail this service, go to GP WORLD (wap. gpworld. com), then Business City, and download the Bull application. 4. Channel Differentiation GP gain competitive advantage through the way they design their channels coverage expertise & performance. 3. People Differentiation: Almost half the total number of employees of GrameenPhone Ltd. today (Tuesday), participated in the company's biggest customer care program to date. "This customer service campaign follows up on the "Stay Close" promise from GrameenPhone.

As a caring company, GrameenPhone values its subscribers, stands by them and takes care of them when they need help," explained GrameenPhone CEO Anders Jensen. Management Team led by, over 2000 employees, representing most of the functional divisions and all the regional offices of GrameenPhone, spent the day interacting with the customers in 124 popular local area markets and important public places across the country. The purpose was to interact with the customers, help them in solving their mobile phone related queries, and demonstrate Grameenphone's commitment as a helpful and customer-oriented company. . Image Differentiation GrameenPhone logo differentiates from the other companies. For that reason customer easily identify them in the market, which is another effective competitive advantages for GrameenPhone. Positioning Statement: Company and Brand Positioning should be summed up in a positioning statement. GrameenPhone positioning statement is “Stay Close” which explain that customer can easily express their emotion with their close relatives & friends through using GrameenPhone.

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