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The magazines that are being compared are two different styles of magazines. One is a pop band magazine and the other is rock. The people in these magazines stereotype the word "HAMMER" it shows the long hair and shouting into the microphone. The other magazine stereotypes nice clothes and nice hair. The people who read this magazine are emulators they look up to these people and will go at and wear what they wear. They act how they act. The aim of the magazine is to persuade the readers to go out and buy their CDs. The large hammer font connotes heavy metal and banging. They use hooks to try and get the buyers attention like 'free CD' or 'free posters'. The use of language is completely different, one says 'SCREW THE CRITICS' and the other is 'BLUE ARE BACK' This shows one that is abusive and the other is more formal. There is a close up on blue then there is a long shot of Gareth Gates.

The Brat Awards.

The institution is "The Brat Awards". Presenters where Rob Carpenter and Ashley Curtis, Rob Carpenter represented himself as a typical presenter. He was slick and cool he kept the show moving he was very confident. The audience where famous people they were drunk. Rage against the vending machine too cool to come up and collect their award. The genre was rock. If I was too improve the award ceremony I would have a different location.

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Pop Band Comparison.

The 'Big Brovas' are attracting a teenage audience. They connote 'gangsters', 'ghettos' and 'rude boys'. They are doing this to attract a certain type audience e.g. 'townies'. The institution of 'Big Brovas' is Top Of The Pops. They represent themselves as rude boys when they are probably not at all like in real life. Compared to the 'Darkness' they are a lot in my opinion because the 'Darkness' uses high-pitched voices. The tight trousers they wear connote this. 'Big Brovas' convent swaying and bopping up and down. The 'Darkness' convent jumping up and down and a lot of movement. The 'Darkness'' institution is Top Of The Pops. Their audience would be older than teenagers. They represent themselves as scruffy people e.g. ripped vests long hair and tight trousers.

Pop Music

The name of the act is 'Girls Aloud'. They are a group of young women who came from the institution of pop stars. The name of the song is life got cold. They use white clothes and white make-up to connotes the word cold. They are a pop band whose audience is mainly young girls. They represent themselves as very nicely dressed attractive women.

The name of the act is 'Good Charlotte'. The song name is 'The Anthem'. The audience is gothic people, he attracts an audience with a rebellious look. The institution is Top Of The Pops. The genre is punk and rock.

The act is 'Lemar'. The song is 'dance'. Lemar is a male pop singer. His image is clean cut and nicely dressed. The audience varies. The institution is pop stars.

Radio Advert.

Client's Name: Woolworth

Writer: Steven Briesner

Duration: Unknown

Music Bed: Whistling from Ed, Edd n Eddy

SFX: Door Slamming

SFX: Footsteps

Male Voice: Perfect boys you've just recorded your first number one. Now lets show the people out there this brilliant song.

Music: Loud Whistling

MVO: That's Brilliant.

MVO2: Your Right and it's available now at Woolworth's.

MVO3: At the great price of �2.49

MVO4: Woolworth's we're worth it.

Popular Music

This magazine aims to entertain people as David Bowie is a singer from the older generation older people who look at this may laugh from fond memories of their youth the magazine does this well with the main feature of David Bowie. The genre of this magazine is heavy metal/rock this was the fashion when David Bowie was a popular singer. This magazine would be for people with special interests in this sort of music. The font and style of writing tells the audience what sort of genre this is has a black background and a man with white make-up on which signals a genre of the gothic nature.

It hooks are things that are on in today's magazine like 'Brand new collectors record section' I don't think they use hooks very well in this magazine because it isn't really anything good in the offer. the only main colours used is black and white, the white make-up connotes the gothic genre. The main feature is a close-up (c.u) of David Bowie. He is stereotyping the typical grunger who is always in a depressive state. The ideology of the magazine is they believe in sucide and stuff many famous gothic stars have been known to go into a depressive state and commit suicide.

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