Points in the I Have a Dream Speech by Martin Luther King

Last Updated: 15 Mar 2023
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One of the major points that Martin Luther King brought up in his speech was the Vietnamese point of View. He stated that they must look at the U.S. as hypocrites who didn't want them free(853). When the Vietnamese tried to claim their independence in 1945 we only made things worse for them. Instead of helping them, we paid the majority of French military fees to regain control of Vietnam. Even when the French were defeated we added to their woes by supporting Premier Diem, Diem was against peace discussions with the North. He also supported landlords who drained their tenants money. When the people tried to rebel the U.S sent more troops to back up Premier Diem. Martin Luther King also brought up the point of how the war affected Americas poor.

The Poverty Program was meant to help the less fortunate build up, When the Vietnam War started the program was neglected. America concentrated more on war than helping the poor advance In the paragraph King states that minorities were dying in high numbers compared to the other US soldiers(851). Most of these soldiers were fighting for rights they couldnt even get at home, King also visited ghettos in North America. He spoke of how he met angry outcast who used Violence and weapons to solve their problems(852). King tried to tell them that being Violent wouldnt solve their problems and the men cited the U.S use of militarism to influence Vietnam's destiny. King realized that he couldn't speak against ghetto violence until he spoke to the U.S government.

In another point in the speech King quoted John F. Kennedys statement, Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable. King also felt the US was on the wrong side of the world change, The U.S used militarism to solve their problems in Venezuela, Guatemala, and Colombia. This supports the outcast statements and Vietnamese resistance. In order for America to get on the right side of the world revolution. we would have to be less arrogant and materialistic and more concerned about people less fortunate than ourselves. We would also have to realize that we are a major world power that can either lead by force or teach by example.

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