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Education is a fundamental way of life. A means to learn something new, the intention is to mentally, physically, and emotionally benefit the person by putting them in a better place than they were previously in before. This is an example of what my dad said “If could, if I had the power to change something. It would be education, the fundamental base in everyone’s life. ” Education is something that leads us to reach our goals and to be successful in life. So primary, we need education to be successful. Education includes moral values, and much more.

But nowadays the meaning of education is misunderstood by people. Without education nothing is Achieve. Education is very important in every human life. Some people are not to be educated but they intense is too reached their goals, in my view education means which lead us to our destiny. If you think about Education, it gives us a basic knowledge about our surroundings. It is the first step that helps begin our journey to reach success. We can reach success without education but we have to work hard or try till we reach our goal or success.

Education is not only the way for us to reach our success, but it's just a step to reach knowledge. Education is must for every person on today's life education has become a basic need of every one's life it is a key to success. Education is the key to all we need in life without education and knowledge no one can be successful. Education is necessary for success.Martin Luther King Jr, wrote that‘’ Education should equip them with the proper instruments of exploitation so they can forever trample over the masses’’, meaning that education will give us the things necessary to overcome all obstacles in our life.

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The need for Education encourages us to be successful. Educations are what leads a human to being successful, and make an improvement in life. Malcolm X provides an argument which states that education is important no matter where it is received. Education helps us to understand ourselves better also it helps us to learn about our strengths and weaknesses. Omar Bradley wrote that “education makes people easy to lead but difficult to drive, easy to govern, but impossible to enslave.’’

How can it that someone can be taught something and they grasp the whole concept of it, they understand it fully and still they don’t use it in their life as if the things they were taught meant nothing to them” A fundamental desire of parents is for their children to have a better education. Every parent dreams for their children to be successful in life and that all starts with education, our parents know the true meaning of work, they don’t want us to go through the struggles they went through to be where they are now.

They instruct us to do the best in school from pre-k to college because they know it will help us in the long run. They inspire us to do better not only for our futures but also our kid’s future. Education gives us a lot of opportunities, not only for us but people around me and our futures children. Education is something that we need in life, something that we need to do so we can become successful in life, education gives us opportunities like jobs, and it gives us a better life. Without education our world would not continue to expand and evolve.

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