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Philosophy of Love and Sex

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Describe the three kinds of love: Eros, Philia and Agape Eros: •This is Greek term that refers to a type of love that is passionate, shows intense desire for something and is often referred to as sexual desires. Another word to describe this type of love is known as “Erotic. ” As Plato writes: “he who loves the beautiful is called a lover because he partakes of it. ” This quote explains that someone who admires the beauty of another is a lover because he shows the affection.

The Platonic-Socratic explains that you can’t truly be friends with another after having sex with them. Philia: •Refers to the opposite sex and showing a tremendous amount of affection and appreciation towards friendship, parents, humanity. It should be a non-sexual relationship. Having friends is a good part of life. You need friendship to give you a notion to keep you happy to adjust to yourself. Forming a friendship is from liking each other, talking to one another or having the opposite of what you are (different).

He also believes that friendship is based on pleasure but he also says that it’s not a real friendship then. Agape: •The love of humanity, belief in god and the combination of both Eros and Philia. You love everybody and everyone. Show affection towards your enemies and be nice to everyone. Love is unique and is distinguished by its nature and its character and how it is shown. It is also known as brotherly love.

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