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The politician been characterized by the relationship between the three main ethical groups. Government-controlled incumbent fixed-line operator TM continues to dominate the market ,accounting for around 62% of the total communications revenue,86% of the total fixed line services and revenues and via its cellos subsidiary - 38% of the total cellular telephone services. The Malaysian government has a very active appropriation program.

Despite this,a number of major business are either government controlled o r have government equity Economical Factor In recent years Malaysia's economy has been correlating to the world economy and to the Asia economy . A growing economy encourages more investments and more companies to enter the market. Therefore ,the better economical conditions the more likely the need for third generation telecommunication infrastructures in the whole of Malaysia . N this few years ,even the Malaysia economy was not so good after a decade of high economic growth, the Asian financial crisis in 1998 had plunged Malaysia into recession. However, during the discoveries time , the major three telecommunication companies dig , cellos and maxis increasingly become stronger ND increased the sales , more and more customers in Malaysia buy their telecommunication products and services Social Factor The basic values of perceptions, preference and behaviors always the main reason that can affect the telecommunication company product .

Nowadays ,we can see increasingly using the mobile phone become a society culture even become a personal culture. So , mobile phone gradually becomes a important tool for Malaysian. It is difficult to understand one person preferences and perception because sometimes the person preferences and behavior will change according to social and cultural change Technological Factor Malaysia Is not high-technological country, but the main point it is striving to get there .

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Communication and IT infrastructure is a key element in Malaysia's plans to achieve industrialized nation status by 2020. This creates a huge demand of IT and communication technologies and it will make he Malaysia market and other south- east Asian markets even more attractive n the future. Every telecommunication company in Malaysia need and are necessary using to do their business transaction because using advance technology can save the mime and make more accuracy

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