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Digi Employee Motivation

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INTRODUCTION DiGi is a leading Malaysian mobile and Internet service provider. The company and brand are known for innovation and continue to challenge market norms in efforts to deliver what is relevant and easy to use for customers to enjoy the best deals in the market. DiGi is a primary mobile communications company providing a comprehensive range of affordable, convenient and easy to use wireless services to simplify and enrich the lives of its customers.

They create value for their customers by selecting the most appropriate cutting edge technology so that users benefit from products and services that give them choice, convenience and control. DiGi. Com Berhad is recognised in the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad and is part of the global telecommunications supplier, Telenor Group. They have a well-known presence as a leader in voice and data prepaid services with a number of first that have set industry benchmarks for creativity and innovation.

These services are offered under the DiGi Prepaid brand name. Their Post-paid services under the DiGi Post-paid brand name delivers high quality voice as well as value added mobile content and data services to both individual and corporate customers. MISSION 1. Provide customers specific solutions to meet individual needs for communications, connectivity, and access to information and security 2. Provide an environment where our employees can grow and be fulfilled 3. Provide superior returns to shareholders 4. Contribute to improving life in Malaysia VISION

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To be seen as stars in excellent customer experience which we think will be one of the few differentiators in the longer term given the rapid commoditization of mobile services. CONTENTS Employee motivation is defined as the key for the effectiveness of an organization as whole. An understanding of the applied psychology within a workplace, also known as organizational behaviour can help to achieve a highly motivated workforce. Frederick Herzberg, a behavioural scientist proposed two-factor theory which is also known as motivator-hygiene theory in 1959.

According to Herzberg in hygiene theory, there are some job factors that result in satisfaction while there are other job factors that prevent dissatisfaction. When a hygiene factor is provided to the employees who are not satisfied, it creates a favourable environment for motivation and prevents job dissatisfaction. It is not included as an intrinsic part of a job, but they are related to the conditions under which a job is performed for instance company policy and administration, wages and salaries, quality of inter-personal relations and feelings of job security.

If these factors are considered inadequate by employees, then they can cause dissatisfaction with work. The motivation theory shows that this factor motivates the employees for a superior performance which is called as satisfiers. It is involved in performing the job and employees usually find these factors as intrinsically rewarding. The factors include status of employee, opportunity for advancement, gaining recognition and responsibility of employee and sense of personal achievement.

The motivators symbolized the psychological needs as an additional profit. If they are effective, then they can motivate an individual to achieve above-average performance. Digi’s working environment is built around openness, transparency and flexibility with excellent mobility which verifies that they practise hygiene factor. Previously the organization chart has 12 stages of hierarchy which starts from CEO until the junior technician. This makes the communication and decision making process to proceed in a very slow, tough and unpredictable situation.

Hence, the higher positioned employees will have higher benefits such as medical & hospitalisation, travel, personal accident & term life coverage, number of annual leave and bonuses according to their ranking in the organization. Each employee has their own working desk to organize their work documents and settle their job. However, the current organization chart has only 6 stages of hierarchy from the CEO to the Engineer. This will enable the company for fast decision making and the communication will more efficient with better reliability.

Hence, today, the company are among the most competitive players in the industry. DiGi selected for a flat organisation in order to remain true to its core values of simplicity, innovation and best value. Digi’s reinvention has enabled the organisation to be more transparent and streamlined. All DiGi employees, from top management down to the receptionists, have the same kind of benefits, regardless of level or job title which shows that they are placed in the same flat working environment. It nurtures more open communications and innovative-thinking.

There are no barriers for communication in this new organization chart where by all the employees will be operating in the same place with an open environment. They can always sit wherever they prefer in the office because there is no specific place assigned for each employee. They create a challenging and rewarding work environment for our people to excel to bring out the best in them and to stimulate a high performance culture. The DiGi Technology Operating Centre met the specifications of Green Building to motivate the employees through the hygiene factor.

The new sustainable and energy efficient centre will incorporate eco design elements which will translate to significant lifecycle savings with intelligent systems, while providing employees with a healthier and more comfortable work environment. DiGi empower the employees to have a committed sustainable future. Part of DiGi Deep Green programme is to increase employee’s awareness about the impact of climate change with the aim to motivate them to take action, either individually or collectively to reduce their carbon footprint.

With increasing awareness of the individual impact, DiGi realised that this sense of responsibility for the environmental satisfaction will slowly, but surely, being entrenched into a smooth management without criticizing the surrounding condition and encouraging employees to take small steps in making some working lifestyle changes. Changing people's mind sets about their lifestyle habits is the biggest hurdle, for instance, carpooling versus personal transport and fluorescent lights versus energy-savings bulbs.

DiGi, as a responsible corporation, can only aim to reach out as many of its employees as possible to prompt them to think twice before making a decision that may impact positively on the working environment convenience. So, to reach out and educate its employees about climate change, a 3-week campaign was launched on 30 June 2008. The objective was to grow together with all those we connect with green environment and the work environment for a better future.

The aim of Digi Deep Green programme is to create awareness among the employees about the effect of climate changes and encourage them to act individually or in a group to lower the carbon footprint. The other factor that is practised by Digi is motivation factors. The Digi Company has received two Merit Awards in Malaysian Business Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Awards in 2007 which are Best Innovation and the Best Overall Winner in CSR categories. This acknowledgement was received after winning three PM’s CSR Awards in Cultural ; Heritage, Best Workplace Practices and the Best Overall CSR categories in 2006.

The employee was inspired by this reward to work even harder and to please the organisation. Educational cultural programs are conducted through workshops, seminars, lectures, training sessions, conference, symposiums and forums where it helps the employees to have a strong relationship between each other no matter what race are they in. They will not critique or misunderstand other cultures or races and they will be able to tolerate and be respectful to each other.

These award giving creates employees with higher level of creativity, motivation and productivity which cause them to have drastic changes through their behaviour and the soft skills. Digi was also selected by the Carbon Disclosure Project as the top 5 in Asia and the first company in Malaysia among the other awards in 2011. This is shown by reducing the use of printed bills, where the customer needs to pay an extra fee to get the bills. Customers are also provided with a special place to lend their used mobiles for the recycling purposes.

Moreover they have to agree and sign up a code which instructs them to fulfil the environment friendly practices. This will influence the employees to be more responsible towards the goal of this project. FINDINGS In order to obtain data regarding this topic, a short survey was constructed to be specific about the information needed about the Digi Company to identify employee weakness. In this report, there are two types of data used to have a clear picture of the study which are primary data and secondary data. Primary data is the data that is collected for a specific purpose from original sources such as interview and surveys.

The survey form and the pictures are attached in the appendix as the evidence. The other source of getting the data to complete this research is from online resources where the websites are cited in reference. Strength Digi D’house in Shah Alam quarters physically shows that it is environmental friendly building. It is because the glass windows are built from floor up to the roof that gives so much natural sunlight but breezy at the same time, allowing them to reduce the power consumption for lights and air conditioners. Dr. Ken Yeang designed the Digi Technology Operations Centre (TOC) which is located opposite the D’house.

It is designed in a way that the external walls are covered with green plants to enhance the heat absorbance and increase the air quality inside the building. Lights in the building are controlled by the brightness of the natural lights outside where it will balance the brightness of the internal light of the building. It can also sense the presence of people in the room where it can turn off the light automatically. Digi employees experience balance working life which leads them to provide productive thinking and creativity.

For instance, Digi staff mothers who newly delivered baby will have options to extend their maternity leave for almost two months total with the last 2 months at half pay beyond the mandatory 60 days. Nursing rooms are also provided by the management at Digi office to support breast feeding and also for the storage of breast milk. Flexible working time is offered but it depends on the nature of work responsibility. Moreover, important topics for the training are delivered to the employees in 2007 where over 30000 hours were spent to increase the performance level of the employees.

The common topics used are Intellectual Property (IP) Training, Integrity! Programme, Radio Frequency (RF) Awareness Workshop, Telenor Global Trainee Programme, DiGi Internship Programme and “Digi Meets” Programme. Weakness Although the Digi Company provides a lot of benefits, some employees still have conflict in the organization’s management which leads to demotivation of employees especially if issues are not resolved properly. If an employee comes from a very good and higher educational background, they will expect appreciations and more benefits such as special working environment than thers who do not have the same education as them. Being treated as same as other employees will cause them to be demotivated. Based on DiGi’s flat organization, all DiGi employees from top management down to the receptionists have the same kind of benefits, regardless of level or job title where they are placed in the same flat working environment. These will cause them to have dissatisfaction in the working place. When the employee is given more workloads he or she feels it’s too unrealistic. There are times where the employees will have to work more than their usual working hours but are given the same pay.

There are now supervisors or managers in a ratio of 1 to 7 employees. The shift schedule is 12:30 pm to 9:00 pm or whenever shipping is done. They used to have a large day shift, but they cut that down and forced most people to work the other shift. Now whether they realize it or not, this has caused a lot of families hardships by not getting to spend time with each other. There is no increase in the pay even though they work for extra hours. In the end, their performance will be below their usual performance levels.

When DiGi undergoes mergers, acquisitions, downsizing and retrenchments, they can have many nervous and anxious members of staff who have worked hard for the organization for years and suddenly they are told that they may not have a job. This can put them in a very negative frame of mind and lead to the employee becoming very disillusioned with his or her current job. There may also be a lot of gossip going around in these organizations and employees may become demotivated out of fear of the unknown. If an employee feels that he or she is likely to lose their job anytime, that is there is job insecurity.

Employees need to feel that their organization values them. Poor organizational skills, leading and control by upper management to all levels of employees is another cause of the employee being demotivated. The managers monitor the employees every minute. An employee is only given 30 minutes for lunch. They keep track of every time you are 1 min or more late. Still in the dark ages about how they treat part-time employees. Apart from that, some employees feel that very open communication will cause trouble in decision making process.

This is because everybody will tend to give their ideas and when their ideas are not taken in count, it will create misunderstanding and distress the employees. Employees will be mentally distracted which will lower down the work productivity. RECOMMENDATION DiGi must treat their employees fairly in all the ways as well. Placing employees according to their educational background and what they deserve can satisfy them and it can even make employees more productive. Employees should be given the opportunity to voice an opinion on the matter and to discuss whether they think the management treating them right or not.

There should a suggestion box so that for the employees who feel unfair and unsatisfied with how the management treats them, they can put in their comments, questions, and requests there. Teamwork is the way to go. Instead of giving the workload to one person, they can distribute it to a group of people. When the work is distributed evenly in the organization, the work can be done quicker and much easier without the need to force the employee to work for more hours. For the employee who’s working for more hours should be given extra pay compared to the one did lesser work.

Simple praise and words of encouragement for a task well-done are always welcome. Employees should always be informed of changes, and even if they cannot be involved in the decision-making process, procedures should be clearly explained to them to ensure they believe that the decision-making process is fair. Employees who have worked hard for the organization for years should always be appreciated and the company should not just dismiss them from the company without giving them early notice if the company is under crisis. Company should always let people know of their plans and change of plans, if any.

This makes life easier and better both for the employee and the organization. More time should be given to the employee to take their lunch. 30 min is too less for the employees. They have been working for hours so at least 1 hour should be given for them to relax their mind and thus they will feel refreshed to continue with their work. Employees should experience job rotation because this can provide them with more knowledge and working skills in different kind of environments. Part timers should not be monitored all the time as this will make them think that they are trusted.

Hence, there are high possibilities for them to work better and in a productive way with high self-esteem. CONCLUSION In a nutshell, Digi Company acquires the employee motivation concept to improve their performance level by practising Herzberg Theory. However, employee’s motivation should not only rely on these factors as there are many others factors that promotes to employee motivation. Each manager should understand it clearly and know how to motivate their employee in order to produce better business output performance. Employee motivation is said to be a major factor in the success or failure for Digi Company.

DiGi as the industry shaper, has created many new innovations and more to come in the coming years. Digi is always the smarter choice. REFFERENCE 1. Farezza Hanum, R. (2012, June 5). DiGi spreads green practices among staff, clients. New Straight Times. Retrieved from http://www. nst. com. my/streets/central/digi-spreads-green-practices-among-staff-clients-1. 91120 2. Ching Thut, C. (2008, March . It all starts from within for Digi. The Star. Retrieved from http://thestar. com. my/starbizicrm/pdf/0668389_2. pdf 3. DiGi’s Workplace – As they see it. (2008, January 16). Retrieved July 17, 2012, from http://www. nugerahcsrmalaysia. org/2008/01/16/winner-workplace-practices-digi/ 4. About DiGi-Careers. (2011). Retrieved July 17, 2012, from http://www. digi. com. my/aboutdigi/careers/index. do 5. Siti Sakinah binti Ab. Rahim (2009, August) . Factors Contribute To Employees Motivations Towards Individual Output Performance In Telco Company. Retrieved fromhttp://etd. uum. edu. my/1755/1/Siti_Sakinah_Ab. _Rahim. pdf APPENDIX EMPLOYEES SATISFACTION SURVEY FORM 1. MaleFemale 2. Permanent staffPart time staff 3. Are you happy with your job overall? If no, state why. Yes No __________________________________________________ . Do you like the policies, rules and the way your company treats you? If no, state why? Yes No __________________________________________________ 5. Are your works very stressful? Yes No ___________________________________________________ 6. Are you paid well for the work you do? Yes No ____________________________________________________ 7. Comments ____________________________________________________ The award ceremony was on Friday, 29 Feb 2008, with guest of honour, Dato' Dr Mohd Taib Hashim, Deputy Secretary-General of the Ministry of Higher Education representing the Minister.

Best Overall CSR Winner in 2007, DiGi Telecommunications which had also taken home two awards that night – the Award for best Workplace Practices and the Award for contributions to Culture & Heritage preservation. Digi Deep Green 2009 Clean Tech Open Malaysia became a success. This event has attracted 47 entries and I was made to understand that Clean Tech USA had praised this achievement. D’House, DiGi’s Shah Alam headquarters, is an environmentally sustainable building where natural resources are used efficiently Interview session with one of the employee working in Digi Telecommunication Company.

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