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Personal Reflection Paper

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Personal Reflection Paper Julius Moses HUM/111 10/07/2012 Sylvia Knust Critical thinking is the act of breaking down a given concept or idea in order to examine its individual parts. It is a somewhat exhaustive approach where the person aims to see an issue from all sides in order to develop an informed opinion. The three things that I learned in this course about critical thinking are to use your critical reading, listener, and viewing skills.

The element of the critical thinking that I have learned throughout this course is to use my critical thinking skills to make discussion on things in life or when you have a problem that you will have to make a major discussion on and it will take critical reading, critical listening, and critical viewing to determine the outcome of the issue. When I first started this course my critical thinking skills weren’t as keen to the facts of thinking more on what discussion I was about to make or even to the point of even thinking that critical on things.

Now going through this course it made me see that being able to thinking critically on the discussion that I am about to make or even if I am looking into a different situation that takes critical thinking to solve the problem. When I think of the my critical thinking and the way I was thinking from week until now that it is the end of the course I think that I had to reevaluate my thinking, because before my critical thinking skills was shortened and I wasn’t take my thinking to a level that I would even thinking that critical about.

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Through the course of this class I find it to be important to use your critical thinking skills to evaluate how you learn and to determine your discussion on the situation at hand. I think that my rating changed because when I learned throughout the course how to use your critical thinking skills to evaluate problem to determine the discussion that I have to make in different situation.

To move from my current stage of critical thinking to a master stage of critical thinking I would have to make a good critical thinking plan that I can improve on and reach my goal to master my critical thinking to take it to that next level. Mastering critical thinking is a task that is not going to be easy but when the stage is reached it would make different situation easier when having to determine how solve the situation.

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