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Personal Reflection

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Helping those who can’t help themselves is a wonderfully rewarding, frustrating, fulfilling, but also draining experience. The circumstances surrounding the situation can make it stressful, but worth it once you’ve touched someone’s life. In this essay I will be sharing with you the different types of helpless people as well as share my opinions and ideas about the topic of helping those in need. There’s no feeling like the feeling of helping someone that is not capable of helping themselves. The circumstances surrounding the situation can be a lot to handle.

For instance, when taking care of a child you are obligated to monitor his or her every movement because a child can easily move into harm’s way. The structure of a child is naturally delicate and fragile so it is extremely important to take that into consideration. Whether the child is playing in a jungle gym or simply running around injury is always a possibility. A child’s immaturity contends to hinder his or her senses so it is up to the caretaker to use their more sensible point of view to make up for that.

Children are very curious and adventurous beings and it can be said that “curiosity killed the cat. ” Often children do not consider the possible repercussions of their uninhibited actions. It is an adult’s responsibility to supervise children in the proper manner to prevent them from making harmful or even life threatening decisions. Providing for a child is also a key factor in proper development. Providing for a child includes but is not limited to proper nourishment, a roof over his head, and clothing.

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Children need to have good sense of security in their lives which will result in them feeling more confident in themselves as they grow older. A baby not being fed is like a cow with no milk, meaning the baby will not operate correctly. Seeing that children are incapable of providing for themselves, the caretaker is responsible for feeding the child even if it requires them to scrape up ends meet. When nourishing a child the caretaker must provide the child with a substantial amount of food to encourage healthy physical growth. Proper clothing is essential.

A child should have the right type of clothing for any particular climate or environment. Although it may be deemed as superficial, children ought to have clothing that is tasteful. Children can be quite cruel. No kid wants to be picked on because their attire lacks quality. An adult should know how to protect a child from those experiences because there is a point in time when a child is not aware of certain aspects of life. If anyone is going to take care of a child they had better make sure their foundation is sound environment because I imagine it would be difficult to raise a child in a hostile place.

So many kids are forced to grow up in a rough neighborhood or house hold and it’s not fair to them because they have no control over the situation. I personally believe that there are way too many young women that are unqualified to be mothers but they’re having babies left and right. The government should interview and closely inspect some of these young women that are having babies to see what they’re lives are like and where there maternal maturity is before they allow them to take care of a baby.

I feel as a result of that in the long run it will save these children’s lives in terms of having a relatively safe and healthy upbringing. Take note that I’m not implying that all young women shouldn’t be able to raise their own babies because they simply have the right too but on the other hand you can’t deny the fact that there is way too many young females getting pregnant that already live in bad conditions so why would anybody want to raise a child in those same conditions.

Helping the homeless is another important issue that never seems to go away. I feel everybody in this world should have a roof over their heads and nobody should be forced to sleep outside especially with all the technical advances we have today. The government should build a system that’s makes sure everybody has an equal opportunity to work and have a real place to call home no matter what the circumstances. Of course we all know that a lot of people bring these situations upon themselves but everybody deserves a chance to right there wrongs.

Sometimes all a person needs is a second chance to get back on their feet and I don’t feel enough homeless people are getting that chance in life. If the government created a program that picked up all the homeless people off these streets, cleaned them up, and provided them with descent enough paying jobs I feel it would make a positive impact on our communities. It’s easy to look at a homeless person sitting on the side of the street or where ever you might find one and pass instant udgment on them but know one truly knows what that persons been through that got them to that point yet people still cast them out of regular society.

All of these people living lavished lives in the suburbs with no financial worries should be contributing towards getting these homeless people off the streets but unfortunately it’s rare to find a rich person with that mentality to go out of their way to help the less fortunate. Handing a homeless person a few dollars is easy to do. It may be a good gesture but in reality it’s really not going to take him/her too far or get them out of the situation there in.

The community has to do more to make bigger changes happen but it all starts with the individuals that really want the rewarding feeling of saving another persons life. Lastly, another group of people that could use some help is the elderly. While plenty of the elderly are capable of helping themselves, there are also those who are incapable. They are plagued with conditions that keep them from being able to do certain things. I realize that a high percentage of our younger generation do not seem to think of the elderly in the light that they should. This seems to be rather common in today’s society.

In some cases the elderly aren’t capable of doing certain activities so I feel that every elderly person should be provided with free life assistance. That type of help should not be restricted solely to a retirement home. It should be for every elderly person that can no longer perform everyday tasks. If I were in the right position of power I would create a program that allows the elderly to contact a service in which they would have a free membership to receive transportation when needed, grocery delivery, in home physical therapy and free built in security system.

All elderly people deserve to have it easy after enduring such a hard, long journey called life, and for their contributions to society. These are some ideas to assist the elderly and prove our gratitude for their lives. Hopefully my opinions and thoughts on helping those in need have sparked an inspiration for you to extend a helping hand to our society. The more compassion and care we show to the people around us, the better society we become as a whole.

Personal Reflection essay

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