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Personal Reflection and What You Have Learned From Field Experience

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We had visit to an orphanage named Rumah Hope which located in Paramount Garden , Petaling Jaya on 2nd March. We entered the premises of the orphanage with a sense of exciting and strange, as more than 50 pairs of mischievous eyes peered at us, and we made our way to the kitchen. The event started with introduction among us . The activities followed with Goy singing two beautiful songs. His voice touched the chord of each one present in the room.

It followed with fun games like ‘Ice and Water’ where all the kids as well as the team members had a gala time running around. We created various type of activities for the kids and we could feel the happiness from them. I was the photographer at the moment and of course , I took a lot of photos. By this time, everyone in the room was hungry to the core. The kids were provided with a sumptuous meal of KFC funded by the us.

One important detail which could have been missed was the way the kids prayed before commencing their lunch was a prayer which was led by a small yet sprightly Jason. The visit to the orphanage not only showed us the ugly truth about life, it also gave us something to look within ourselves , that we were blessed in our present circumstances. The experience was harsh, like a slap on the face and yet it the bright smiles on the faces of each and every child on that day did more than just lift their spirits and look at the brighter side of what we had done for the children.

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