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Personal Narrative

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Luckily my parents answered and they told e that they were not going to be home until the next day because they had to go to the hospital I to see a friend in need. K no big deal so IM home alone for a night, I should be fine; I am smart t and I can take care of myself. So I went home and took out the trash because that was my I sat chore. Then I went into my room, which was called the "cave" because once went in; never r came out except for to eat and use the restroom. A few hours passed and I was hungry, I figure d since it was 7:30 should go make me dinner.

I walked out to the kitchen and passed by the baa k door, it was wide open. I could've swore I shut it but maybe not, so I closed it again and proceed deed to make my dinner (Mac n' cheese). While was eating kept hearing some weird shuffling noises In my back door. It was dark so I automatically thought who would be outside in the dark. I perceived it to be an animal so ignored it and finished eating. When it was time to clean up my dish noticed that I had left the door unlocked. Walked over to the door to lock it, t hen I froze.

I couldn't believe what I just saw, it appeared to me that a huge figure jumped ever my wall into the desert. After taking a sec to get myself together immediately locked the door and shut the curtains. Thought was crazy, that I was just seeing things. L went back into m y "cave" and started watching TV to try and get my mind off of what had just taken place. W ell it worked for a little while, until started hearing what sort Of sounded like foot Steps on the c repeat. I then locked my door and shut off the TV with the lights and tired to go to sleep. Lulled the e covers over my head and slammed my eyes shut. That didn't help, at that point I knew I was n t crazy. Did see a man hop my fence, because I am now hearing shelves and drawers open in the e kitchen. The man must of came back, but how did he get in. Then it hit me, didn't remember to hide the back door key under the mat when I got home; it was left sitting on the bench. After that realization, a million thoughts were going through my head. What was going to do? How w as I going to do it? Then the question that worried me the most was an obvious one. Was I go Eng to be alright?

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Personal Narrative

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Those questions kept recurring as well as many others at an immeasurable RA e until it became dead silent in the house. For a moment Thought that he left, but I couldn't ha eve been more wrong. Got up to check, but then saw the man's feet underneath my door, h e walked right past it. It happened again, I froze, except this time I didn't have time to gather ms elf, because the stranger was trying to open my door. It was locked, so he was rigorously jerk Eng the door knob trying to get in. With tears running down my face like waterfalls, knew that I had to do something or was going to be subject to this man.

So I quickly ran to my win owe, opened it and ran out. Luckily for me , only had one floor on my house so I was easily able t o sprint down the street to my friends house where I felt safe. His dad walked down to my house e because he was a police officer and checked out the situation. What he found was my uncle, my parents did not tell me that they were sending my uncle down to my house late at night with a eek y of his own to check and see if was doing K. Turns out that it was nothing and I over react De. But it did make for one heck of an experience, with a great story to tell.

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