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A Personal Narrative of Why Logan is My Hero

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The name of my hero is Logan. Logan may be a last name or it may be a first name, no one knows. Not even Logan. Logan is a man whose past is shrouded in mystery. Logan can only recall a short time, thirty years or so, in his long life. He possesses incredible physical attributes of an unknown at least to himself- origin. Logan has a shrewd mind that seems to be enhanced by his experiences in life. Logan is a man of courage and honor that is unseen amongst men. Logan is also known as Wolverine.

Logans past is cloudy while his future is uncertain. Logan seems to have come from the obscurity of the Canadian mountains. A professor who gained his trust attempted to delve into his past using a type of hypnosis but was fairly unsuccessful. The only thing that professor Xavier was able to determine was that Logans life shortly before his mentally enforced amnesia was extremely traumatic therefore causing his mind to totally block out all recollection of who he was or what happened to him before this devastating experience. Logan has recently joined a school of students who have special mental or physical abilities. Professor Xavier to educate the students in their phenomenal abilities created this school. Logan is, by nature, a loner and is undecided on whether or not he will remain at Xaviers school.

Logan is known by scientists as a homo superior meaning his body has genetically mutated cells that give him enhanced physical attributes far beyond the scope of a normal human. Among the long list of gifts: Logan has super human strength, speed and agility. He also possesses a healing ability that is exponentially greater than a human. It is theorized that Logans healing ability has also kept him from aging significantly over the years making him much older than he looks. Logans five senses are heightened to great proportions that give him a unique view of the world around him.

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Probably the most unique feature of Logans impressive body are two sets of retractable claws, three in each arm, that are housed in his forearms. These claws are about ten inches in length and can be extended or retracted with very little physical effort. In addition to his naturally occurring physical aspects, Logans skeletal structure is laced with an alloy known as adamantium. This adamantium covering his bones gives him a virtually indestructible skeletal frame as well as formidably sharp claws. It is interesting to note that the adamantium covering his bones is almost certainly placed there by scientific means, as the adamantium is poisonous. Logans superior healing ability constantly keeps the poison from killing or even sickening him.

Aside from a severe case of self-induced amnesia Logan is in control of a cunning and introspective mind. He is a man with a higher than average IQ with a straightforward approach to problem solving. Logan has gritty street smarts that are propagated by his many years of experience and travel. Logan owns a dry sense of humor that seems nonexistent to anyone but the astute observer. Logan has strong leadership abilities although he rarely uses them preferring to operate behind the scenes. Logans one weakness seems to be his short temper. His dander can be raised with very little effort usually causing outbursts of rage and fury (which usually leads to somebody getting injured).

Logan is an honorable man who knows the difference between evil and good, choosing good always. Logan is a man who is respected by his friends and feared by his enemies. His strong sense of self- reliance has made him an outsider even among friends but he is comfortable enough with himself to remain to himself. Logan has a heart for the underdog seeing himself as the same he is quick to come to anothers defense if he sees that the odds are unfair. When his respect is fully earned, Logan has a profound sense of loyalty, never abandoning those who he calls friends. Although not a bleeding heart, Logan fights for those who cannot defend themselves.

Logan is also known as Wolverine. This name was given to him by his fellow students at professor Xaviers school. The name is terribly suitable to his feral attitude and physical makeup. Although the name was never embraced by Logan his silence in reference to the name shows that he is open to the handle. Wolverine is now one the top students in his class as well as a member of a special team of students that are assembled whenever diabolical acts of terrorism against other homo superiors are initiated. This team, the X-men, is named after professor Xavier who mentors them and guides them.

The X-men are increasingly called upon to thwart the efforts of normal humans who are threatened by the existence of the mutant population. These humans, seemingly, will stop at nothing to rid the world of mutants and those who protect them. In addition, the X-men protect the very humans that persecute and endanger them, from angry mutants who see humans as an inferior race and seek to destroy or enslave and imprison them.

Growing up with a knowledge of Logan and his experiences has given me a stronger sense of self worth and comfort with whom I am. His irrepressible loyalty and courage are traits that I emulate as best I can. For all these reasons and many more Logan is my hero.

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