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Personal Anecdote

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The Big Day It was the last month of July, a couple of weeks before my middle school years ended. I was very anxious because of the idea of leaving my school where I was comfortable with everyone, where my circle of friends were what I looked most forward to when coming to school every day. The day I was going to graduate came closer and closer, I hated how the time was ticking by so fast when I didn’t want it to.

I had spent the last 2 years with the same class and teacher, my class mates were like brothers of mine. After all, it was the last time I was going to see my friends Raghav and Karanbir. Weeks flew by as fast as the wings of a humming bird; it was only a few days before the big day, graduation day. As expected the day had arrived, on my way to the banquet hall I felt my head filling up with bizarre scenarios of how it would be like in high school with new teachers, older people and new faces from different school.

When I got out of the car I made my way through the main foyer, the banquet hall was decorated so distinctively, I felt as if I were a boy down the hall way of the Queen’s castle ready to be awarded as a Knight. As names were being called to step forward towards the stage, I heard the principal call out “Shreelesh Kaliraj” and I got up with great pride and walked cautiously bit by bit towards her. When she handed me the certificate I was as proud as a father who had just seen his child walk for the very first time.

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The certificate was 8x10 inches made from stiff hard paper; it had my name written in clear bold letters in the middle of the certificate with a shiny elegant sticker right beside. I quickly walked back to my seat knowing this was the last time I was going to see my close friends, at first I was feeling down due to the fact after this day we would all go separate ways to shape our future but I couldn’t let that thought ruin the entire day for me because at the end I knew meeting new people and making new friends was part of life.

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