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Entails personal statements

If ever I will be accepted in the program and will be able to finish it, immediately after I graduate I will apply for the position of Hospital Administrator.Eventually, I would want to become a CEO.

The program will provide me appropriate knowledge to be able to play the role of a hospital administrator effectively.Managing healthcare institutions like hospitals, clinics, drug-abuse rehabilitation centers, as well as, overseeing of daily operations will become more convenient as I will be properly equipped with the much needed skills and understanding after going through with the program.

I will be able to guarantee the competence of the healthcare institution where and attend to/focus on the adequacy of medical care made available to the patients.

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In addition to that, because of the program, I will be in a better position to give a hand or support the hospital staff especially those assigned to the medical department.

Furthermore, with the training that I will undergo in the program, I will know better how to initiate the assimilation of board members, hospital staff, as well as, the chief of the different departments to function as one.

For example, I will be able to sort out, instruct, manage, and bring together policies set by the board of trustees and eventually improve medical and health services provided by the healthcare institution that I will be running/heading.

Also, I will also be able to conduct trainings or seminar-workshops for the staff including nurses, physicians, and other subordinates that I am supposed to employ or hire.

In case, I will be working for a research hospital then because of the learning experience provided by the program, I will be able to improve programs that involve quality assurance, preventive medicine, medical treatments, etc.

In the end, I will be more equipped to function as Chief Executive Officer and be able to properly manage a corporate position as such.


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