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Barriers to Changing Personal Health Behavior

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The result of the real age test has come as a surprise to me. There is a difference in my real age and the age results shown by the real age test. I have also been surprised by the factors which can affect one health. According to real age study factors such as relationships including having pets and the frequency of the times you have with your friend may affect our health. Thus there is an urgent need to undertake practices and actions which improve my real age. However there are some barriers which inhibit the decision to adopting good health behavior.

One of the barriers is readiness to certain changes. In order on to improve on my real age I have to change my eating habit behavior, change my relationship profile and exercise more to improve my fitness level. Some habits such as smoking are not easy to quit. Another barrier is availability of time Sparing time for exercise might be a challenge especially for a fulltime students and the working class. The exercise itself is a sacrifice and requires a lot of discipline on my side.

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Good health is not seen as a priority and other would rather work for extra hours instead of relaxing provided they earn an extra. Taking good health a priority will be a barrier not only to me but also to other many people. Some of the stress is caused by our working condition. Some of us work very hard and long hours. Since it is the source of our living we cannot do away with it. Thus our work can also be a barrier to personal health behavior. One of the means I intend to use to improve my real age will involve changing my attitude towards things.

Taking health as a priority is one of them. Having a positive mind will reduce occurrence of stress. By changing my attitude I will spare time for exercising. I will avoid some lifestyles such as smoking and excessive drinking which negatively affect my health. In order to observe healthy living I will eat recommended amount of food avoiding food and beverages high in calories. I will also adopt an active lifestyle where by I will exercise, walk and jog to avoid gaining excessive weight.

The portion distortion quiz also reveals some shocking finding about how our eating habits and the choice of food we eat affect our health. The amount of food in our body is determined by the type of food we consume. There is also a trend revealed by the quiz that as new technology and new methods of cooking food is invented the amount of calories in the food increases. The pizza of 20 years ago has fewer calories compared to today’s pizza of the same quantity. From the finding of portion distortion quiz I intend to avoid food and beverage with high quantity of calories.

This will reduce chances of occurrence of lifestyle diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. From the finding it is evident that exercising burns out the excess calories in our busy. I therefore intend to live an active life whereby I will do more than just the daily chores to burn excessive calories. Traditional foods are healthier than the new types of food which are very famous nowadays. I intend to avoid unhealthy lifestyle even if it might be the current trend.

From the finding it is very easy to increase the amount of calories in your body. However burning them is not that easy. Therefore I will concentrate more on avoiding food with high amount of calories other than exercise to burn them. References Health Canada 2010 overcome barrier retrieved 30 July, 2010 from http://www. hc-sc. gc. ca/fn-an/food-guide-aliment/maintain-adopt/index-eng. php Health system for home use 2010 secret to live longer retrieved 30 July, 2010 from http://www. healthreviser. com/content/secret-live-longer

Barriers to Changing Personal Health Behavior essay

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